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  1. its a mute point anyway because he is a member of s77th and its a simple fact of life that he doesnt cheat. so people need to get their heads back on and get back to flying. maybe they should practice more and they mite actually beat him.
  2. i am here to put this to an end. the member accused of cheating is a member of the S77th squadron whos stance on cheating is well known amoungst the community. that is a zero tolerance. this has been a core value of this squadron since the beginning. that said the accusers should know better than this, and take your loss as being simply outclassed on the day. i will put it another way.. just incase you dont understand me being polite, you got your ass handed to you. deal with it. i personally regard the pilot as one of the better pilots in this area of the game and quite frankly ive only beaten him once. so if anybody would like more infomation or to take this further you can write to me here. http://www.s77th.com/forums/index.php have a noice day.
  3. yeah i have a similar thing brd, my notes have the minimum range - max range. its 20 mins i think. and thats after the last rocket.
  4. LOMAC LEAGUE website has been shut down for around 3 months now, any file somebody has is getting it from a 'unautherised' 3rd party lomacleague has no quality control over any third party site. at the end of the day, the end user may of installed a version that was made for lomacleague versions were made for EVERY PATCH 1.01 1.02 1.1 1.11 1.12 1.12a that said, the package contained now is not lomacleague, and is solely for use for RF it is my understanding that some changes have been made.
  5. make sure global setting is on, it sounds like your buddie was flying on his own 'dificulty setting' as for making the mission. make every plane including your own to be client. when hosting you will slecect plane like everybody else. the setting for difficulty is something like global settings or set global.. have fun flying at your lan.
  6. depends on the artillery peice. you need to make sure they are pointing in the right direction. they dont all have a 360 turret and there IS amphibious vehicles, however they are afraid of water or sumthin haha. , no really , they only work on land. pity ay.
  7. as goya said earlier in this thread. the original is actually included with in the 'package' 'pre backed up' this is definatly for those people who do make mistakes. that said, if you feel you would like something added to it and it is something of merit, then let goya know.
  8. to be perfecty honest, there really should be no need to actually uninstall. since the changes are small. and everything else is 'add on' there is really no need unless of course you are making modified payloads but im sure u can just 'add those' yourself again if you wanted to. i personally have played with reliability and stability since 2004(ish) with the modifications on.
  9. for one to really understand what this is about, you need to realy LOVE flying one of these planes. Mig-29 A (German) Su-33 A-10 Myself i LOVE flying the SU-33, when i am not flying it, im not having as much fun and that said, if im not landing on the kuznetsov, im not having as much fun either. now here is an example i wish to highlight. the 159th squad is known for flying the SU-33 & su25t. its what their squad is about. early on, the S77th amost exclusivly flew the SU-33. for these two teams, to have a match with out anybody feeling like they are getting a raw deal flying a 27 or not enjoying themselves to the full potential by landing on some concreat slab. they could not do it with a default game. now even in a situation where two teams may not need to fly a 33 , a-10 , mig-29g, tacticly, the option is there if they feel tacticly that X plane will do better at something than another. as i recall there use to be a squadron wholely dedicated to flying a-10's ? isnt it unfortunate, if there was 2 teams that wholely flew a-10's they could never have a match together! one team would have to fly a su-25T, before Flaming cliffs, the choice was SU-25!! perhaps that squadron isnt around anymore, would things be different if they could have had more interaction with other squadrons ? ----------- the mod itself. now i have seen several people have issues with lomac, and i have helped countless people. One of the bigest issues, is 1 modification to the game is not compatable with another modification. i have seen people running flaming cliffs, who download and install modifications made for lomac 1.00 and that has made them incompatable with people flying flaming cliffs. now i would be certin and 100% confident that GOYA FUDD etc will do everything possible to help people with any issues that arise including and not limited to creating 'special' versions of the mod for people running extra SU-25T squad skins, f-15 models etc. so i have confidence that there should be no drama's.
  10. i have moved house. i ride a motorcycle, my computer couldnt fit in my panniers mig 29 g/ is probably the most under used planes in l/o along side the 29a then 25 on a personal level, not that i am able to partake at this time anyway. but for me, i am happiest and enjoy myself most when flying a su-33, i can fly anything, but for me if i got stuck flying a f-15, i wont enjoy it as much if at all. in a scenario like this, i enjoy the challenge set forth, and if flying a 29a/g was tacticly the right thing to do, then i would do it and enjoy it and it would be even sweeter if i succeeded..
  11. quite a while ago now, we played a missions vs another group. for some reason they A. made a mistake with the mission B. thats the way it was ment to be. we were set with MiG-29A's vs 27's and 29S and su-25t now the 25t were not even in our area. they were doing something in georgia. while we in 29A's were in the ukr. to cut a long story short. our 29A's were droping 29S's like flys AND we were outnumered 2-1. now admitidly on the re-make or re-do of the map. we had 29S and 33's f15's it didnt take long at all at that point. in fact i think the enemy decided to take off again and they were not mento, but then went down a 2nd time too. at the end of the day , its not the plane. but the quality of teamwork & pilots. that said. i believe this is a nato v warsw thing, so you should make use of the aircraft you do have. you may have alot of 29A's G's , you should make sure you use them otherwise you may find you dont have a Su-27 or f-15 or mig-29s down the track when you really need it.
  12. remove ALL refueling / rearming / repairing ability on all airfields. add new layer style object that can be placed over an airfield that desigantes the airfield as red or blue refueling / re-arming / repairing.. or having a similar screen to the coalitions menu, where you can add airports into the red or blue side. if not in list = no refuel rearm repair. going one step further. would be nice if for example. the ability to rearm, repair or refuel can be lost in an attack. bring on the base raid games then. also if you land on a enemy or neutral base, you souldnt get any points for it lmao. and in the future when we can have multipull coalitions each coalition may have their own designated air base. there are hundreds of other improvements that need to be done to this game this is just 1 of them
  13. ok well, i dont think you have looked very far. so here is a webpage that may help yo out. i went here http://www.chproducts.com/retail/world.html and got. this. http://www.aviationmegastore.com/ ok now lets look at our options. hotas cougar. + pedals ch stick, throttle + pedals. Saitek x52 PRO + saitek Pedals ch stick, throttle Saitek x52 PRO Saitek X52 Saitek X45 getting down to the bones of it all. if you want to get bang for buck, a capable system saitek x52 (not the pro) presents best bang for buck. gives you lots of buttons roteries rudder system, modes. now why anybody would go for the x52 PRO, (im not convinced on any improvments over the x52), when the CH Stick & throttle combo is the same price. best buy had ch stick throttle and pedals was about 250 all up (last time i checked) ch products, gear that should last. excelent programability. (as many have already said) cougar fun. If you are Serious, and prepared to make modifications, you can do some fantastic things with the cougar. but it does come at a price. while you at it........... dont forget to get yourself a track ir and vector kit.!!! and.. build yourself a virtual cockpit.......
  14. i suspect the pilot may not even be russian. at one stage the mig was piloted by a viper pilot, later interviewed by media about the comparison of the two aircraft. given a bit of serching im sure somebody may come up with that article.
  15. the issue you are experiencing is when you land when you are not in landing mode. cycle your return point to the carrier or set it as your landing point in the mission. press 1 a few times till you get to lndg now to the issue of acutally crashing. even tho you are cliping thru the carrier, your actually still landing too hard the cliping is NOT causing you to crash lol.
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