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  1. Thanks for the help everyone ! i got it to work Here are two things i did that made it work for me : 1) I searched about setting the oculus runtime to be openvr after what was said on this topic, and i found this https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018555179-How-to-install-OpenXR- I followed the "Oculus headsets" category and only did the first part (went into regedit, set the path like on the picture below): 2) Then i launched DCS Launcher by Skate Zilla, went into "app.settings" and then set the launcher as indicated in the download page of the launcher. After finishing setting it up, i chose "SteamVR API" as the "Rendering Driver". Then i downloaded SteamVR. After those steps, i launched DCS by pressing VR ON And it works perfectly now (i can toggle the menu by pressing ctrl+f2), SteamVR doesn't launch however, which isn't a bad thing i guess as long as it works !
  2. Hi, i have a quest 2 but it's impossible for me to get it to work, it seems like Mixed Reality Portal isn't detecting my headset (it's telling me to connect my headset) However i can use it on DCS with oculus link, i think that it may be due to the headset being detected as a "portable device" on the device manager (see the picture below) I don't have anything that souds like "Windows Mixed Reality device". Are there any quest 2 users here that made it to work ? If yes can you tell me if your quest 2 is also detected as a portable device ? And if Mixed Reality Portal can detect your headset ? If someone knows how to fix that it would be amazing !
  3. Be careful with those videos, i like growling sidewinder but the settings that are used on most of his dogfighting videos are just not something that you'll have in most multiplayer servers (No G's, we don't know the amount of fuel each aircraft has, which is very important when using a tomcat, and i even think that he uses the "unlimited fuel" option) so that's not what you'll have to face unless you use those same options. Now the F14 can pretty easily out turn a F16 with full flaps (without overspeeding the flaps too ...) and 50% fuel, even if it may not be a "realistic" usage of those flaps. It is sure harder to beat it without using those flaps but it's still possible, specially if you are around 50% fuel. Also the F16 flight model is still pretty WIP and developped by another team with different standards regarding FM compared to the F14, so there might be some little differences between real life and DCS.
  4. Still the same issue with the F14 RWR against the Pyotr Velikiy (latest Open Beta version), i don't get any warning from launch (65 nm) to impact.
  5. Yes it would depend on the target SA too i guess, but if the target is aware that a tomcat is here, it'll surely go into the notch at long ranges (50 nm+) and in those case, you can only keep the track by turning the MLC off, otherwise your missile is trashed. It's maybe not very realistic but it's the way its rendered in DCS and seems to work well in these situations. But like i've said, doing it when the radar is raised below the horizon can be very risky, but doing nothing will not help keeping the lock either.
  6. Indeed, that's why i always turn the MLC off when i have the chance. I think that it should be turning off automatically if you leave it on the "auto" position (that's the case with jester) when the antenna is raised by 3 degrees. However that's very difficult to get there in TWS since the scan area is very large ... It's easier when you have a STT lock. In my opinion, the best way to use the phoenix at the moment, if you want long shots, is to fly high, atleast 30k ft, then loft the missile (A Mk60) by 15 degrees, then dive below your target, then turn off the MLC manually (if using TWS). You should also keep in mind the TGT Aspect Switch, i already lost the lock even with the target being higher than me with MLC Off because i didn't set the Aspect Switch accordingly. You can also try to put the target in Mandatory Attack and turn the MLC Off even if the target is lower than you, it seems to work pretty well as i kept my lock against a notching target at 70+ miles on Caucasus. Also, when you are fighting over the sea, you can turn the MLC off even if the target is flying very low since there is no ground clutter.
  7. I made a few dozen tests with the 54A Mk 60 at high altitude (40k ft) and in TWS against Veteran Su-30 AI. The initial guidance seems even better than before thanks to the loft (can achieve 80+ nm shot against a hot fighter-sized target at 40k ft with the missile going at mach 3 when impact). However, the main issue i encountered is the final guidance, when the missile goes active. I know that nothing was changed in the guidance part of the missile but it seems even worse than before : the missile loses the lock when closer to 1 nm with the enemy. It seems to happen only when the aircraft goes into notching, but the weird thing is that the phoenix keeps the lock when the enemy "flies straight after the notch" (look at the first image). However, if the enemy aircraft keeps turning even after notching, then the phoenix will certainly lose the lock. TGT Size doesn't seem to matter since it happens at extremely close range from the target. Chaff doesn't seem to be linked to that behavior, i made the same tests with chaff-empty aircraft and obtained the same results. Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it
  8. You can try to download the dcs dedicated server client, then you can watch the server's track, it should be alot better.
  9. Hi, i know that this isn't realistic, but currently i don't think you can do otherwise without getting a human rio : You can add most of the RIO keybinds on the pilot keybinds (that's what was done for the pilot-controlled lantirn). To do so, you need to spot the keybind's name you're searching for, by checking RIO controls in DCS (as for now let's say "Missile Option: Phoenix Active else normal"). Now search for it after opening "default.lua" that can be found under "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\F14\Input\F-14B-RIO\keyboard" You should find "{cockpit_device_id=devices.WEAPONS, down = device_commands.WEAP_Missile_Option, value_down = -1, up = device_commands.WEAP_Missile_Option, value_up = 0, name = _('Missile Option: Phoenix Active else normal'), category = _('Weapons')}," Copy and paste that after opening "default.lua" that can be found under the pilot input folder "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\F14\Input\F-14B-Pilot\keyboard" And it's done, you can control that switch even if you are the pilot (you only have to assign a keybind in DCS like you would do with any other switches).
  10. You know what i meant, you literally said that the F15E will dominate A/A since it will be going faster than every other aircraft (writing mach 2.54 and comparing it to mach 1.8/1.9 for the F14) which is absolutely false. You'll NEVER be at mach 2.5 when engaging targets in BVR since you have to carry enough fuel to rtb and enough missiles (which creates alot of drag). Thus saying that the F15E will have "no opponent" is simply not true.
  11. Do you really believe that the F15E can go mach 2.5+ with ordonnance and CFTs ? That seems very impossible to me, unless you have the source to prove it
  12. Hello, i would like to know if there is a way to make the external camera move with the joystick axis (like when you are on the F2 view), currently i can only move it with the mouse (the view axis that i can bind for the joystick are only for the cockpit view). I know that i could use some software to "bind" the mouse axis to my joystick axis, however the mouse's "Z" axis is very jerky and not smooth like the other two axis (Y and X). Thanks for your help !
  13. Is the "blinking ECM" is really an issue with the F14 ? I already tried with a friend (who was in a f16) and he could lock me easily from 50 nm + at high altitude (both in TWS and RWS), even if i was "making the ECM blink" by pressing it on/off every seconds. It seems pretty far away from being the "100% safety exploit"
  14. My bad, you are right,it works only when AUTO is selected on the ordnance page, thanks
  15. Hello, i started to learn the hornet but it seems like that the coupled autopilot mode cannot be activated when a target is designated with the targeting pod (i tried with both lantirn and atflir). The "CPL" indication appears for a second on the UFC but then diseapears and i simply cannot get it working even if i followed the same steps as Matt Wagner on the tutorial video. Here is what i did : 1-Press "Auto" on the HSI 2-Press CPL on the UFC (it works nicely until now) 3-Press A/G then go to the flir page on the right mfd 4-SCS Right to control that screen then SCS right again to designate a target 5-Go back to the UFC and A/P : CPL is no longer present (it comes back when i cancel "TGT" on the HSI) Am i doing something wrong ? (I don't have any mods installed)
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