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  1. It is a BRILLIANT plan... if we cant play it, we cant complain about how broken it is!!?
  2. updated and now cant play as I cant log in and it has disabled all of my modules.... brilliant
  3. Thanks, got it working now. I don't use any mods, however I do use Tacview and SRS, which both have entries in the export.lua. I got it working by deleting the export.lua and letting VA/Vaicom rebuild it, with nothing else in it. I'll wait until after the next update before reintroducing Tacview and SRS in to the mix...
  4. I run standalone and have tried all of the above. It now lets me load DCS with VA/Vaicom running, however still doesn't work, by that I mean I can speak the commands, they are registered in the text box within VA, however the next line is "unit not available"...
  5. Cheers to everyone for the tips, especially Japo. I run standalone and use Vaicom with AIRIO, have done without issue for ages. Updated to 2.5.6 and got the 10% bug. Tried everything I could with lua, export files etc. Using the custom path and checking the OB box now let's me load in to DCS, however when I try using Vaicom the commands are registered by VA, however I am just informed the unit is not available... this applies to all commands, including AIRIO. Anyone else had this?
  6. Hello I have been searching for hours and can't find another post regarding a similar problem. I have purchased a WarBRD base. I have downloaded the latest version of the config software (VPC_Software_Setup [20191105] Release Date: 5th November 2019) and following the instructions carried out the firmware update, however when I go to create a profile and select the base/grip the only choice for the base I get is VPC BRD Pedals. This obviously prevents me from continuing with the setup. I have tried using older versions of the software (July 2019), running as admin, unplugging all other USB devices, disabling all of the other devices and programs that I can and nothing changes. Any help would be much appreciated. *****SOLVED AS BELOW IN CASE IT HELPS ANYONE ELSE***** Accessed the "hidden options" (right ctrl + F12) in the configurator software, in there was an option to force it to recognise the PCB in the base as the correct one instead of BRD pedals. This allowed me run configurator as normal afterwards.
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