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  1. Hello, I am not able to execute an "export to a .miz file", it always results into a frozen software that I have to kill at some point. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. For me it works only one way (up), not the other way (down).
  3. Hi, Please find below some small issues still present at this time: Bingo sound still ringing only once, even without reset. Bingo sound ringing once when you put the AVER SONOR switch to on, even if you are far below the bingo fuel. With your logic, it should sound once at the bingo fuel, and if AVER SONOR is OFF it should not be heard at all. Bingo fuel setting: these are "infinite" wheels. You can go from 9 to 0 and from 0 to 9. Quickest way to go from 2 to 8 for example is 2-1-0-9-8, and not 2-3-4-5-6-7-8... Working only 1 way at this time. Radio: XFR not working. Normally recalls the last valid entry. (cockpit art) IFF: fault flag is always present with a weird orange color. Normal state is black, and if there is a fault then the color is white. IFF: mode 1 digits should go from 0 to 3 only. Mode 3 digits should go from 0 to 7 only. Alarm test 1/2: there should be an alarm sound if AVERT. SON. switch is on. Alarm test 1/2: PA/CDVE test panel lights should light up as well, same for IFF light. Alarm test 1/2: all lights don't light up on both tests. For example PC light is only on test 2. Fire alarm test: SEC/PC lights have to be pressed for the test. It lights them up and rings the alarm. SEC/PC light don't light up on alarm test 1/2. Fuel panel test: lights don't light up on the alarm test 1/2, they have their own test (L+J and TRANSF). Pressing DEMAR button with the throttle on idle doesn't launch the engine. It should begin the start-up sequence but result into an overheat. FREIN light is ON with the PARK brake active. FREIN light is only for rudder brake. Thanks
  4. Hello, Not sure wether I should post it here or in the "objects" section. We made a mission where several bridges were the main targets. Planning accordingly to expert's advices regarding this type of target (e.g: https://www.airforcemag.com/article/1293bridge ), we aimed at the abutment with a 2000 lbs GBU-10, on DLY1. Direct hits on those abutments made no visible damage, but a bomb hole was visible below the bridge. For the second runs, we went for an INST fuse, and this resulted into a visible destruction of the bridge, while it should have made a crater on the pavement. The question is: - can you detail how a (large) bridge is modelled, so that we can do advanced targeting on it? - more generally, where can we find details about target models (buildings, bunkers, hangars, etc...) in order to make some basic weaponeering? - bonus: is it normal that only the PWY III with a BLU-109 is available on the F-18C (sorry for that, I did not find the answer)? If needed, the .trk file of that mission can be provided. Thanks!
  5. Hello. Answer from the software designer: "First, make sure you have turned on the display of the bullseye -- it is done by the square buttons on the right hand side of the main screen (blue, red and green for respective bullseyes). Then, place your mouse cursor over the bullseye position (you can do so with the help of the mouse cursor bullseye position readout in the status bar in the bottom of the screen). Click on the bullseye and a BE properties panel on the left will appear. " Ir worked perfectly, I've got my BE again. Thanks for the great support!
  6. Hello, I have an issue with Bulls'eye. I inadvertently put Blue's BE opacity on 0%, it made it totally disappear. Now I can't turn it back to another value. I can't select it on the map, even if I know the precise coordinate. It seems that this parameter has been applied to all other missions BE by default, I can not see blue BE anymore on any mission... I tried reinstalling it all, without success. Does anybody know how to reach BE opacity anywhere else than from the map??? Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello, Please have a look at this topic: I hesitated between a F-18 and a weapon bug... It must come from F-18 way of computing release solution. Thanks.
  8. Hello, We noticed an issue with GBU-16 in loft bombing on the F-18: the unguided ballistics is so long (2000') that the bomb never acquires the laser spot if we try to guide it. Therefore the bomb is always long and unguided. By comparison, an unguided GBU-12 in loft bombing is approximately 700' long, and can easily be lased to its target. Self-lasing loft bombing with GBU-12 is indeed quite effective. The attached tacview track will illustrate this issue: first pass is guided GBU-12 (direct hit), second pass is unguided GBU-12 (700' long), third and fourth passes are unguided GBU-10 (2000' long, laser ont target, climb 25° and 40°), last pass is guided GBU-12 (direct hit). Tests with GBU-10 are pending. Did anyone notice this issue already? Did anyone managed to do loft bombing with GBU-16? Thanks! Test GBU-12 and GBU-16.zip.acmi
  9. Unfortunately it wouldn't help since M2000C can not carry and launch the Mica.
  10. Same IRL experience as Chuck Henry. A/A bearing is exceptional. Most tankers only give a range. Bearing has to be obtained by other means...
  11. I had a look at it, thanks. I just removed the 3 files from the zip folder, I hope it won't induce too many issues. At least integrity check is sweet now.
  12. Hi, I keep having this warning regarding intergrity check. I never touched or modified the Su-27 in any ways. I tried a repair with no effect. Once afte ran update it disappeared but then came back quickly. Any idea? Thanks
  13. OK sorry to keep trying to convince you are moving the wrong way. But here is the thing: that switch IS a wheel. A wheel needs... an AXIS to turn around... Turning it forward makes your radar go down. Turning it upwards make your radar go up. Whether it is thanks to 2 buttons or thanks to a potentiometer on an axis, who cares? Moreover most simulation throttles have a radar elevation wheel. On my cougar that wheel works exactly as the one on the Mirage 2000C. When I want to stop looking up I have to come back to the neutral position. Nobody will ever give us a compatible M2000C throttle. Nobody will ever make a wheel with 2 buttons. So the question is: What is more realistic knowing what's available for players? Letting the players use a wheel that exists and that really really looks like what's in the plane? Or having them to chose 2 random buttons that have nothing to do with radar elevation control, and that isn't even close from the feeling you have in the plane? La question elle est vite répondue... So please at least consider giving people the option to reverse to the old axis logic for radar elevation.
  14. If that number 8 wheel is now called "2 buttons", I have to disagree. Too bad.
  15. It's really strange because the M2000's throttle has a radar elevation axis... How do you work on your elevation now? Binding it with voice attack is fine for small changes, but otherwise it's really painful... Please make it a high priority issue...
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