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  1. It's all skill issues guys - have you all thought about getting good?
  2. As described in uboat's OP, the AG radar is the 2nd priority sensor after every other one. To return to WP you must switch to the AG Radar and either command undesignate (S2 depress) or set it to SP mode. If the AG Radar is set to SLV mode, it will ground stabilize and follow the SPI set by another sensor. If you undesignate that SPI, the AG Radar becomes the new SPI broadcaster, which will be that last designated point. You can think of it as the AG Radar "storing" the SPI. To keep it from doing this, set the AG Radar to SP mode.
  3. DCS World / mods / aircraft / JF17 / cockpit / shapes / textures They're all unzipped. You can generate a "description.lua" by opening the "JF-17-CPT.edm" file in ModelViewer2 (included with dcs in the "bin" folder.) and selecting the blue, "Generate livery file" icon in the top toolbar.
  4. INTERCOM switch should be set to ON
  5. I posted a bug report a while ago about this. That number is only ever correct if you are wings level. If you bank your aircraft 90° and align the target vertically with the HUD (without actually turning towards it.), it'll read 0.
  6. I think that's a bug. A dev can chime in here with the SAU restrictions, but for some reason AUTO doesn't allow you to loft/toss your bombs. I figured DTOS would let you do that since, well, toss is in the name, but it also has the same <=0° pitch release restriction.
  7. Or at the very least, make EN2 (the actual betty voice) the default instead of EN1.
  8. I have conducted a small series of tests in an attempt to figure out why the JF-17's gunsight is not as responsive as other fighters with LCOS solutions (F-14, F-15, MiG29/Su27, etc.) and I think I may have found the culprit. As it turns out, the Thunder's LCOS gunsight is actually the SS/SSLC solution, but rendered as if it were LCOS (No "snake" trail, but it follows the SS-calculated path). In order to demonstrate what I mean, take a look at these tracks I have provided of various modules' LCOS gunsights tracking a target as it maneuvers. Notice how when the target makes a turn, the correct LCOS sights calculate the target's movement and correctly adjust themselves to provide an accurate firing solution. Meanwhile the Thunder's LCOS, SS and SSLC gunsights, as well as the M-2000's own SSLC gunsight do not react to the target's movements. This is correct for SS/SSLCs on both planes, but not for the LCOS on the JF-17. I believe this is the cause for the Thunder's delayed and sluggish gunsight and bad BFM gun accuracy, apart from the poor mounting angle on the gun itself. JFGunBugF14.trk JFGunBugF15.trk JFGunBugF16.trk JFGunBugF18.trk JFGunBugJFLCOS.trk JFGunBugJFSSLCNoTurn.trk JFGunBugJFSSLCTurn.trk JFGunBugM2KNoTurn.trk JFGunBugM2KTurn.trk JFGunBugMiG.trk
  9. Back on topic guys, we don't need another SD-10 OP/UP/correct/incorrect thread. I'd like to see an update from DIS about any outstanding additions or changes remain for the JF-17, and maybe a clue about what their next project is.
  10. Yes, those too. Good to hear about implementing a scheme for the AKG, it really needs a proper FM and terminal attack maneuver. Also nice to see the Manual Laser being looked at. I knew there was something off about its operation - seemed odd that it's actuated with some nebulous keybind that isn't physically located on the plane. I imagine you *could* forego stuff like the WA Radar Mode since ED hasn't updated the weather system for it to be of any use, at least for now.
  11. I was wondering if you guys have a roadmap of changes and/or features you're planning for the JF-17 to consider it a "finished" product. The module's been out for about 2 years now, and I can't imagine there's much left to add in terms of "major features" like new modes, weapons or sensors. There are a couple things I have noticed could use tweaking or finishing (TGP functionality and operation, cockpit textures, MFD graphics and visuals, etc.), but I would like to know what items the team are focusing to get this module out of early access.
  12. Just Battery. You can start the plane if you connect ground power when the bug occurs.
  13. Here's the lua files. Necessary changes are in: (materials.lua) lines: 68, 180, 217 (MFCDs_defs.lua) line: 75 (UP_L1_HSD.lua) lines: 89 - 107 Ignore the other changes. JFMAPFIX.zip PS: adjust the opacity of MFCD_IND_BLACK in materials.lua (line 68) to get the map brightness just right. I found 210 to be good enough for both day and night.
  14. Maybe, or maybe not. The F-18's HSD map is also a bit too bright at times. I actually managed to "fix" this issue by adding a black box over the map render. It darkens the map and doesn't affect the Symbology or Icons, so the map usable both in day and night.
  15. Actually, it allows you to change the RWR ID of an emitter to whatever you want. For example, you can change the SA-10's ID from "10T", to "BB" like on a western RWR, etc. This is just a thing for those that like to mod their modules a bit (like me). This may not actually possible on the real plane, I assume.
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