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  1. Item Sold. Thanks for looking.
  2. Hello all. I have a well used not fully working Saitek x-45 if anybody wants it for parts. If you pay for shipping I will send it to you. Throttle works perfect. The stick on the other hand has a problem. The problem with the stick was one of the POTS stopped working. I have the stick in original package. I know some like to take these apart to custom build new stick. So if you are interested pm me and we can arrange shipping. Thanks Forgot to mention I live in USA chicago. Il.
  3. Well. Thought I would post a small update. I still have the stick and figured I would let you guys know that I will let it go for $20.00 us. Plus shipping cost to anybody interested.
  4. Item Sold.... Thanks for looking.
  5. Currently I am a contractor for FedEx Ground. Build pc for people on the side. Got less then 20 hours left for my private pilots license.
  6. Also don't forget to run the sim as admin.
  7. Yes. Fc3 is still in beta. But you save 10.00 getting it in beta vs the final release.
  8. Have you tried setting a dead zone and curve on the axis.
  9. Hi all, Since I upgraged to FC3 I have not been able to assign my mouse as my TDS Slew for the F15C. I have a vanilla X-52 and had the mini stick assigned to it in FC2 and it worked fine. When I go to options and select mouse 0 and mouse 1 for my slew on the F-15 tab under axis it shows it there but in game it dont do anything. Did I miss something with the upgrade? I have not had this problem before so I am unsure as to the exact cause. Thanks.
  10. With iPhone if you hold your finger on the death button for a second you can choose to open in a new page. It's now advance search but that is what works for me.
  11. Did you make sure you have rudder assigned to the correct axis in game.
  12. Also depends on budget. You will have no rudder control with the warthog. But I would have to agree that the warthog is a better stick by far. I do have a x52 and have had it for a long time and have not had any problems in any game as of yet. Good luck.
  13. I have the original lock on in box. Then bought lock on gold when flamming cliffs came out. I might need a day to find what box I packed it in but if needed pm me. I live in chicago il. Will ship it but interested party must pay for shipping. Oh and by the way the original lock on used star force so no cd key was needed. With the original disc you should be able to install fc3.
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