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  1. bug report. if installed on a 'part time server' (hosting sometimes playing on other servers sometimes) when joining other server the dialog box does not show up (thats the box on the right that shows mission messages like the ctld script for picking up and droping off troops) as a host these messages show correctly.
  2. MD-SIM.COM I have a dedicated combined arms group.
  3. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=150864 the mirage 2k squadron thread is here
  4. already up. while lack of appropriate spaced airports for jet to have the room breath, i have air started jets at 120km from bulls. die hard is right my mission is up now. being a big fan of RED DAWN and devils woman being a fan of the book series tomorrow when the war began ( always a source of argument that red dawn is the original ) i have tried to make a mission along this theme. the mission is named Operation_Desert_Dawn las vegas has woken up to armed forces in their back yards (and golf courses) the object is simple. control vegas, secure your airfield that ensures that you can land and rearm safely. (in the middle of the map) I hope to see you all there look for the MD-SIM.COM Server (USA EAST) for this mission
  5. you can add them just when u save it save it under a new mission name so you can revert if getting corrupted. every slot needs testing as always.
  6. the usa east server is running a helicopter only map plus combined arms - I think the t-72's look good parked outside the casino as always we will expand on this map in due time but for now enjoy flying at low level around NEVADA hope you enjoy the mission for now.
  7. i think you will find that there will be a good mix of maps. when the NTTR comes out, the free to play people will continue to enjoy the price of their product. the Black Sea area will continue to be the main map as the NTTR may have some massive multiplayer limitations. I see the NTTR map as being a training / co-op area. I KNOW i'm going to have a lot of trouble enjoying a SU-33 landing on Kuznetsov in the middle of a dam / lake ? that probably wont work.
  8. this has been a problem since 1.5 hotfix 3 it seems to be caused by either a long time in mission builder without save or playing single player then directly after editing the mission. i have been getting around the bug by exiting the game after testing
  9. at 1900z today the 25th day of October. Maddog-Simulations DCS World Club & the LYNX MiG-21 Squadron will be running a MIG-21 Only event on our USA EAST Server. There are two parts to the mission The first part is to Intercept incoming enemy bombers and defend your airbase The Seccond Part is to Escort your Bombers to strike the enemy's air base. there are two 'Observer Slots' for anybody who wishes to play 'awacs' If you wish to join others using voice communications the teamspeak server is as follows ts.md-sim.com:9274 I hope to see many Mig-21 Enthusiasts join the fun.
  10. we will all be in the same boat learning the mirage and what it can do. but the exciting thing is by creating a group of like minded people we will accelerate the learning process for all involved. the squadron is international, so members from EU are welcome.
  11. With the upcoming release of RAZBAM'S Mirage 2000, Maddog-Simulations is proud to announce its newest squadron The Sentinels Mirage 2000 Squadron. If you are looking to fly with others both socially and realistically, who share the same passion for the Mirage then this is the perfect place and time to make it happen. The Maddog-Simulations DCS World Club http://www.Maddog-Simulations.com
  12. hi mate i know many people in the Maddog-Simulations club who are enjoying the mig-21 and other modules and hanging out for the mirage. there is very much the same feeling for the waiting for the tomcat as well. http://www.maddog-simulations.com/
  13. HI STORM, i just wanted to make a quick check with you, the a-10c you have did you have that during the beta phase, the reason i ask is you get the NTTR MAP FREE - that would be doing yourself out of a freebee ? just checking.
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