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  1. Hi, I've been testing the B52 AGM86 cruise missiles & there is an issue with them colliding. For example if i drop 12 missiles, 7 will explode after release (sometimes the whole salvo will be destroyed). There surviveabilty is slightly better over land than sea. Only because they appear to get more spread out depending on terrain. maybe a not fixable, I dunno, but it would be great if this was looked into. Thanks. AGM 86C.trk
  2. Apologies, please see attached file. The scud vehicles move to the fire mission way point but then randomly disperse. They also do this if they are place as stationary on the map. Scud moves2.trk
  3. Hi all, I'm pretty sure that if you have a group of scud vehicles that are placed stationary in the ME, that they would stay still and fire their missiles, However i've noticed that when i give them a fire mission (fire at object), they all disperse, causing some not to start their launch sequence. I tried spawning them in late or having them drive along the road to the fire mission waypoint, however, as soon as they reach the waypoint they once again randomly disperse. Is this a bug or normal behaviour. Seems odd. Please see track file Thanks Scud moves.trk
  4. Interesting, I will certainly check this out - thanks for the info.
  5. I love the ME, however, it can be time consuming to create missions and templates without a 3D environment. I spend lots of time dipping in & out of actual game to check positions of assets to then realise that a EW radar is positioned right up against a large bush ot tree that i didn't see on the 2D editing map. It would be great to see not only a 3D editor but a stand alone editor that one could create on then transfer into the game , along with its triggers and/or lua coding.
  6. The dropping of dumb bombs I find really tricky. I always have to dive even in auto (CCRP) mode & sometimes they just don't drop. If it's a possible bug I hope it's looked at soon.
  7. I think Arma 3 does troop movements brilliantly. They have a great heat map and run from tanks when hit or if near explosions. If a similar AI routine could be implemented for DCS that would make a great sim fantastic.
  8. Hi I was just interested if anyone had any information or guidance to what this is about on the latest OB patch 2.7.11 March 17 2022. Added: support customized RWR symbol (see Doc\customerRWR_sample.lua) Thanks
  9. Thank you ghostmike, this was doing my head in - Much appreciated, got it working now
  10. Hi Admiral I hope you're well. I have the Admirals type 45 skin pack & HMS Duncan downloaded. I added the Duncan to a few mission. I did a clean install & the mod dependency will not allow me to open the mission. I cannot think of how I installed the Mod. Any instruction would be fantastic. Using 2.7 OB.
  11. Hi I was testing the Russian AI TU-160 bomber over Syria. I ordered it to release it's cruise missiles at waypoint 2, however, the missile tumble to the ground in all directions. I'm i doing something wrong? I released them under Pinpoint Strike/Bombing & tried Pinpoint Strike/Attack object on Map. Both displayed the strange behaviour. I also tried different altitudes & over land & sea. This happened on the Caucasus map too when released over land but worked over the sea. Please can this be looked at. Kh65 behaxiour.trk Kh65 behaxiour2.trk Kh65 behaxiour3.trk
  12. I've tested this missile many times & it can be very clumsy at hitting targets. As far as I remember it has never pitched down on the SPI or co-ordinates, which is very frustrating. It also used to have TV guidance in the terminal phase and was much clearer at seeing a specific target. Now it only has IR view which can be pretty foggy. ( I can't work out how to change the MIL from WHot to BHot). I love the weapon however, I too wish it would pitch to the target (like the SLAM). I don't know if this is what the missile does in RL or if this is a bug.
  13. Thanks for the information. That'll be useful
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