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  1. In the latest version of NSVR 2.08 under Options - Position Compensation - In seated mode Solved this issue for me.
  2. I have the DDS of a WW2 uniform but don't know where to put it. How can I be more clear for such a simple question? It really doesnt matter. I dont use the pilot anyway modern duds or not. Simply thought I might when I saw the WW2 dds. I didnt think coming to these forums would be like getting my wisdom teeth pulled without novacane. Ill stop now.
  3. You would not think a map with three small islands and water would be the worst running of them all but it is. So bad as to be unplayable. Id rather have paid them for this map and it runs ok.. Ive got a screaming rig with a 3080 and this map plays badly in VR anyway. Ive not tried pancake view and likely wont.
  4. and don't use rivets, use glue.
  5. The weapons training mission also has a weird bug.
  6. Do we have the ability to put fuel in the different tanks? For example it seems to treat all three as one tank. Am I missing something?
  7. My track is larger than 5mb. Perhaps they need a place without this 90s style 5mb limits. I have a contact list longer than 5mb, lol.
  8. I have a DDS with a nice WW2 uniform but I dont know where to put it to replace the modern suit?
  9. This is how children start flame wars for no reason. Simply asking a question. Why does that bother you so much? WW2 vets did REAL things. They didnt play games, lolgf. Ive never heard a WW2 vet tell a story about appearing magically over Normandy either. I didnt really need to hear your smart alec reply. If you have nothing USEFUL to say then stfu.
  10. It seems the flaps for example keeps getting a hole in the texture but only in the opposite eye of the side its happening on. For example if I see the issue from my left eye its happening on the right side of my peripheral vision not on the right eye. Like a ghost in my headset, lol..
  11. So I was making this mission where I wanted to make a bit trickier to get home based on fuel use. So I first tried 20% and came up a cpl miles short of Ford AF. So the next mission I did 21% and I had all sorts of extra gas. Like a LOT. I know this isnt scientific or anything but this seems bad.
  12. My opinion is the .50 cal is under modelled in ALL European development houses and over powered back in the day when Americans used to make WW2 flight sims, lol. One thing is for sure its not right, right now in DCS. The ONLY time it is modelled right is when youre exactly in the sweet spot at distance and all of your hits are in the enemy fuselage. Being unable to adjust gun crossover range is sorely disappointing as well. I should be able to tell my crew chief where I want the crossover. There is a very good reason NATO banned the .50 MG from shooting Humans. We only shoot enemy equipment. And if they happen to be wearing or riding said equipment then so be it, lol.
  13. Why do the landing lights always default to the on position? Is there a way to have them start a game in the off position? Im so tired of turning off this light along with a host of other things that need to be flipped before every single mission.
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