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  1. For the MiG-21, the default key is . (period) instead of Left Alt + '. Addition to Burger's post: at point 1, substitute 'Blue' with your coalition ;)
  2. IIRC some airfields only allow takeoffs in one direction, and landings in the other (e.g. Sochi Adler)
  3. Joined the club with Flanker 2.0, set up the Dutch Flanker Display Team in 2001, and still going strong.
  4. Three more: The Belgian F-16 demo in 2016 with a misbehaving engine(which surged halfway through its display)
  5. Not Block 50, but I thought I'd share some nice F-16 pictures: F-16C Block-52+ 'Zeus' by Bas Weijers, on Flickr F-16AM RNLAF passing Volkel Tower by Bas Weijers, on Flickr Flare Display by Bas Weijers, on Flickr In the clouds by Bas Weijers, on Flickr Light the fires by Bas Weijers, on Flickr F-16AM Static by Bas Weijers, on Flickr
  6. Glider student here with 59 logged winch starts on an ASK-21 at the moment. Since I couldn't find a suitable option, I didn't vote.
  7. This has been mentioned somewhere else on this forum, the solution for most was to remove all mods, and then clean and repair your DCS.
  8. I also had this problem, but solved it using instructions in this post: falling through ground in multiplayer #16 Haven't had the problem afterwards.
  9. Had this issue again twice this evening. Took off in a MiG-21 in the PG map and crashed. Spawned again, and fell through the ground. Restarted DCS and made a successful flight (again with the MiG-21) and was even able to land. After a hot refuel on the platform, I throttled up to start taxiing again, and fell through the ground. After that, DCS crashed (a DXDiag crash report is on its way to ED). Please fix this, it is making the game unplayable.
  10. Just started to have this as well, in the harrier on a multiplayer server. Fell through the ground on landing, then DCS crashed. Restarted DCS, and after that, any aircraft I entered fell through the ground before DCS crashed again.
  11. Your pictures aren't working. I also visited the show, and had a great time there, despite the weather. Here are some of my pictures from Kubinka, still going through the post editing process... Su-30SM by Bas Weijers, on Flickr Power up by Bas Weijers, on Flickr Heat by Bas Weijers, on Flickr Flyby by Bas Weijers, on Flickr
  12. IIRC it defines who can transfer (or take) control of the aircraft. If for example it is set to Instructor, the instructor can take control without asking the student first.
  13. I plan on putting up a screen with a live feed on our stand at the Houten Digitaal fair. Let's hope our internet connection is fast enough.
  14. Had great fun with several guys from the Dutch/Flemish 'Combatflight' DCS community. The Su-27 was one of the highlights for us.
  15. If there is only a toggle, you could do something like this: {down = iCommandPlaneAHCPHUDModeDayNight, up = iCommandPlaneAHCPHUDModeDayNight,name = _('HUD Mode switch Day/Night ON/OFF sw'), category = _('Armament HUD Control Panel')}, This will toggle between day and night when you flick the switch. Only drawback is that the state can be reversed based on the position of the switch when you enter your plane.
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