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  1. When can we expect the new effects to be in? Next OB Update? Maybe Hotfix?
  2. After the new Update for OB there is no more that much smoke coming from guns when being fired. I always felt like it was really realistic and it locked just like in WWII Camera and Photo Materials. Now there is just a little bit of smoke:(
  3. Yes please!+100 3D Exterior is so much worse on P-51D and Bf-109 K4
  4. I have massiv Stutters when engagin B17 Online and Offline. It it a slidshow every time they fire up some 50cals.
  5. Much less if only they put more ressurces in to developing WWII stuff.
  6. Dear Eagle Dynamics Team:) Could you Update the muzzle flash Effects for WWII Warbirds? I think its Over the Top right now and just not realistic. It should be much less Fire but the smoke is just spot on! Thank You
  7. The way it works now in DCS make it imposible to to make a startup just like in real life beceuse in real life u have to count SIX BLADES for the oil to run around the engine. They need to fix it but we have to keep write about it!
  8. ED wanted to make black smoke or smoke effects for Warbirds, i was reading it few month ago in one of the news letters. On full rich mixture there should be a black smoke coming from exaust, even more wirh Luftwaffe fighters due to the fuel they used.
  9. Warbirds in DCS sounds amazing! Great job from Devs! Yes 190 D9 is left behind still soundwise, i hope they will Update it to the new Standarts they have set for Warbirds.
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