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  1. I've noticed that while trying to call in SEAD and CAS out of Incirlik at the same time. that the F-16 and A-10 spawns overlap, therefore one of the 2 spawns with only a single plane instead of a pair. Seems they both try to spawn one of the 2 flight on slot 52 possibly? Looks like the same applies at Ramat David, call in support flights too close too fast will result in one of the flights spawning with only 1 instead of 2 ships
  2. Def F-16, not 18, lol... and more than a few of these are parts of the F-16 which aren't finished yet. Still EA,
  3. Ok, I like to tinker with things so I'll see what happens. Cheers!
  4. @SurrexenSo... I like the whole cooldown on the strike packages... but, for my uses since my srvr player list is so short, I'd like to reduce the despawn time a little on them. They seem to linger in the home base for up to 10 minutes after landing, sometimes more. Which lua should I be looking in for that? I assumed Scarlet Dawn Airforce.lua, but am struggling to find the variable for despawn.
  5. Anyone have a fairly straight forward solution to restarting multiple servers on the same machine? I am failing at life and can't get more than one of my servers to restart using these. DCS Restart Script EN Instance 1.bat DCS Restart Script EN Instance 2.bat DCS Restart Script EN Instance 2.bat
  6. I gotta agree with Surrexen here... After a bunch of hours playing in the Syria map, learning some VFR cues and getting to know the topography/geography I'm having no issues knowing where I'm supposed to be. IRL combat would be much the same. Study the map, know where you're going before you take off, understand the mission. All part and parcel to a very dynamic environment and I'm extremely happy with it. Thank you again @Surrexen
  7. 256 knots sounds kinda fast for the gear... I'm not sure what they are speed rated for though One thing to check is to not be pulling the gear up with WOW.
  8. Zero issues retracting my gear. You may be overspeeding them.
  9. Shader cache reset is inside Wattman for AMD users now. Global, graphics, advanced, reset shader cache
  10. Anti-skid still isn't implemented, try not to lock the wheels.
  11. A cool addition to this map would be the use of the Hercules mod for cargo transport... I'm banging my head against a wall trying to splice it in though, lol!
  12. I have now unfortunately seen this on Caucasus in an F-16... so... driver related I'm thinking now. I didn't save the track. Will try and repeat it and get you a track replay BN.
  13. This would account for why the F-16 is such a slewing beast under braking. I've been compensating just by differentially steering with the brakes.
  14. Pretty sure that issue is being looked at and addressed.
  15. Straight take off isn't that difficult really, but without massive inputs on rudder and a feathering of left/right brakes to keep it straight on the runway while landing it's a handful. I feel like the stability needs some tweaking though if the 16 is this unstable compared to the F-18 which seems pretty rock steady on take off and landing.
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