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  1. Any mention of 4th Gen Redfor jets?
  2. Received mine in Canada a couple of weeks ago. I had to literally shame Tomas on his Facebook page once a week for at least a month. This is in addition to raising tickets on a weekly basis. I reckon he eventually got fed up and sent me my pad. I did order in April 2019 though.
  3. Given the development time spent, and previous screen shots shown over recent years, I’m pretty sure the Kuz will be more than just a skin update.
  4. Yup, Stable is indefinitely (no time line given) unsupported until all the problems with the OB are fixed. Sad Deka customer, and stable user.
  5. That’s really great news! I assume you live in Europe. The only responses I’ve seen are to the guys that live in the EU.
  6. I have received absolutely no feedback from messages left on FB, or via email. I now just raise support tickets on a daily basis in the hope that someone might respond.
  7. I believe we are at that stage where I need to shelve DCS until I can use the module that I have actually paid for. The JF-17 will never be released to stable as long as the OB resides in a perpetual state of flux. There is no credible end game plan as far as I can tell, and the circle of uncertainty will only grow as more and more features (SC) are added.
  8. Doesn’t Wags or one of the community managers normally announce new modules? This is confusing.
  9. I really just hope it’s good enough and not rushed to allow a very much needed stable update shortly afterwards.
  10. Unfortunately, they (Realteus) elect to ignore the majority of Facebook posts as well. This is especially true, unless you have an EU order number. Those are my findings.
  11. I have a feeling that some EU customers are receiving their units, but I very much doubt any US/Canadian customers have. Hope to be proven wrong.
  12. After all these months, I (selfishly as a DEKA customer) just want play the JF-17 in stable. The current unstable OB, is not for me. :)
  13. It's from today's change log. Not sure what it means either. Maybe additional tweaks outside of ED's hardcoded missile code / data?
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