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  1. SKR is not implementent yet currently since you cant spot the laser or if you want to shoot from cover you may want to create a Target point from the MGRS coords an set it as ACQ so you can be in constraints for hellfire, so that it has a chance to catch the laser when fire in LO or HI mode. As far as I remember the contraint for LOAL Hi Lo is even smaller, but missle will launch anyway, because it expects laser after launch. Of ocurse if it Detects the laser on set Laser code bfore launch,it reverts back to LOBL . You may want to check: for explanation
  2. You are at max range basicly, if the AH is wobbeling a bit it further increases bullet spread. maybe even Wind influence. Try maybe 2500 m, still far out but a bit more reliable.
  3. yeah i can see it alright, but what does it matter if all planes are on all sides, and as you might be aware livery unlocker pass ICC and even if the server restricted you can use any livery. And what do you do now. Also do add, what if there is a merge and u picked him up on Vert scan, and its a fire or disengae/die situation, and you dont know which one you have locked up friendly you try to save or enemy. What do you do on night ops.....
  4. bump, @BIGNEWY can we get an update on the situation? Still an issue, especially on multiplayer servers with every plane on either side this is a bit frusttrating. Whats weired is that before you lock a target in acm mode in STT TMS left still does interogate, but once lock is achieved, the lock is dropped. See also:
  5. its hard to tell in the video, i tried to playback at 25% but it seems he stompt the rudder really quick to initiate the roll.
  6. I think so, did it by any chance also not use any fuel, when my enginge was in that state, the Collective was either 0% 50% or 130% reALLY JUMPY. When I brought her home i tried to shut down, did not happen even though both levers completely off, tried defueling and I had 10 pound left it did not get ued up over 10 min on the ground. So I respawned
  7. I think it should @Floyd1212 . I just loaded a Instant action mission as a MP Mission. And I opened the dcs VOIP UI for me "left ctrl + left shift + TAB" than make sure your volume is actually on check settings symbol.(marked in red, mine was at 0 ) Then check the freq Button to use radios and radio freqs instead of chat rooms(yellow), then bind ICP VOIP and RADIO VOIP in ah64 controls, if you have the windows open you can also see transmitting on selected in game cockpit radio with a red dot. As I understand it if you don`t switch to Radio mode you use chat rooms instead, and therefore you might have to bin PTT key in UI layer. Unfortunately there are no RADIO Click sounds currently but you can minimize the window to only see R PTT and LPTT and check when you press it they light up in red. Some multiplayer servers have DCS Voip disabled though, if they are using SRS.
  8. @Frederf thanks I have the same issue, I made a Bug report on SRS github and linked to this threat.
  9. yes I believe without every frame refresh rate of pic in pic modes are locked at 30 FPS. I dont know if it is true but someone said for the changes to take effect you should restart dcs.
  10. Well at least Progress, I think some settings changes are only temporarly stored and writen to file when closing. So when it crashed you lost your setting.
  11. Hi, I encountered the following small problem. I was CPG and entered WPs into the System. And when done I selected "DIR" and then typed in the point ident setup the route this way. While it showed everything for me the Pilot only saw the green Line in his TSD, he did not have a Waypoint marker on the compass in IHDS and did also not see the WP marke in space. He then selected him self the WP the same way I did and it did show for me and him. Hower ever later I first added all Waypoints to the route and then selected "DIR" and clicked on the corresponted point I wanted from the right Baselbuttons R1-R6, and it worked every time. As in regards to Tracks I only have a 3h (380MB) one, unfortunately I dont have someone on Hand to test it real quick.
  12. The error you are getting is definitly RAM related. Prelaod radius has a masssive impact on some maps, especially syria for example, if set too high you ram gets flooded by dcs I have seen arouind 32 GB used by dcs on my system. And it definitly fills it gradeually not all at once after 5-10 Minutes all should be loaded into RAM. In my Case at the time I disconnected and adjusted preload radius untill in acceptable parameters.
  13. @Caldera yeah you want to change the axis in track Ir especially for y and maybe z so less movement of you physical head translates to more ingame movement faster and then maybe to compensate make the max value flat so it remains controallable. I have mine setup in way where there is just a very very tiny tiny dead zone for y Axis, and then it the graph goes nearly straight up but then I setup the curve to flaten out so more movement does not accelerate ingame movement more. Now I can compfortly move my head down/left and forward to have a good look at FCR in F16 /mirage etc. Its more like I move my head forward and down with the neck only thats, and thats why i setup a very small deadzone so it does not move down by accident if rolling/tilt view feft or right.
  14. the RLWR turns up the Volume for the Radar warnings ADF is for ADF and the missle warning system. IF ADF is used for navigation then the switch on the Flare Countermeasures must be set to NAV,
  15. yes it doesn`t help that he is not optimizing the picture either for human eyes, like contrast etc.
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