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  1. It would be nice if controls were bound with the On/Else off logic. Any switch/ control that offers an On/Off could offer On/Else off as well. This way a single input would control the switch properly and better immersion. For example, Currently: if the Electrical power ON/OFF is bound to an input. Flip the switch on and power comes but to turn it back off you need to cycle the switch off and back on to turn the power off. On/Else off logic: Turn the switch on but when you turn the switch off the INPUT is removed and the switch turns off. Your polling the input any way and very simple code.
  2. Thank you, I forgot to mention, don't have DCS running while doing this.
  3. What do you mean 'Elevated Mode'? Every time DCS is patched I need to fix Voice Attack by * delete or move the export.lua from the saved games\scripts directory * launching Vaicomm - having it create a new export.lua * edit the new export.lua (actually just replace it with the old one) and it works... don't know why as the 'new' and the original are identical but it 'unbreaks' Voice Attack. - VERY strange If I didn't need to do this dance it would be great.
  4. Debug mode showed nothing - exact same response as before. HOWEVER, your instructions to EXPORT than IMPORT the new profile fixed the issue. Working as advertised. Thanks to you both, Hornblower and Hollywood. I must have corrupted the original profile somehow, although, I did no editing to it other than setting up the Push-To-Talk section. The file sizes of the profiles were/are; Broken: 131,696 Working: 150,885 So ADDING the HOTAS functions to the PTT should have I assume grow the file size but it shrunk. So I must have Fat Fingered it. I've included the working Debug window for reference if others have this or a similar issue. Everything above the "Recognized: 'request startup' (Confidence 98)" was missing in debug mode in the broken profile. Now to add chatter and see if I can break that! :smilewink:
  5. ok will do that here is a second - but came here to update I've been trying various configurations/ re-installs/ earlier versions and got an "Error" message cut and pasted 1:00:23.643 Command 'request startup' is currently disabled for this session and was not executed. will try the debug mode
  6. I'm confused, why would you assume that - it's recognizing the phrases but not executing them. When I use just voice attack it recognizes the phrase and completes the command as configured. The confidence level on the is 95. Am I reading that wrong? is lower better? Oh, I have run through twice already ftr. To simplify the commands I have removed the necessity for ATC/player names just issue the commands such as request startup. When you say things like "Chief" before the update is would state waiting for further or something like that - now just say recognized chief So voice training I think is the wrong path.
  7. Thanks for the replies; I've continued to plug away and still doesn't work. I've tried deleting the Vaicom directory and re-installing I've re-installed DCS At this point I just want my money back - JUST bought it and I get 1 day's use. For those that it works for I get the attraction for this software but it's a major source of frustration for me. Could be I'm missing something simple so I've taken screen shots of the behavior. It recognizes the command but fails to execute. The only modules active are the ones sold/distributed by ED. (Except the Garmin) I've tried different missions and several aircraft.
  8. Vaicom Pro Stopped responding As of the patch of Open_Beta on 26 May 2019 Vaicom Pro has stopped working It loads, interacts with DCS, ie disables voices/ menus etc. but won't issue any commands to DCS. I've tried repairing DCS, Disabling/ Enabling add on's It's running in administrator mode It was working prior to the patch. I've deleted the export file Voice attack still works I've disabled Garmin NS340 <--- USELESS program anyway in VR Is this a known issue or is there something I'm missing?
  9. Thanks for the replies, yes I would agree the I titled it wrong as my frustrations lie with the AI not with the developer. (My original message points that out but I would hope people would read the body) but I stand by my sentiment that the AI ruins the experience and not the mission content. I have no way of editing it the title however and at this point would edit or delete the thread if I knew how. It's not obvious to me It's more than a 'bug' - it's by design. Further Feedback Changing the command to "Complete Mission and Rejoin" worked. In retrospect is a better/ proper command as the Wingman should not just fly off and do it's own thing. That's on me. But even engaging the wingman gets shot down and does not defend an easily beat 9L. not a single flare. That and AI aircraft performance is on ED. My aircraft performance is on me. I know exactly what your talking about when you struggle with AI as I make up my own missions as well and shake my head and ask WTF are you doing often.
  10. I will try that - currently all I've done is "Engage Bandits" I will test and let you know. My apologies as well - I should have said MapleFlag and not Red Flag.
  11. On third mission, WINGMAN always gets shot down first merge. Refuses to engage - replying "Negative" or "Unable" - REFUSES to even defend the merge - in ALL the encounters my AI wingman has NEVER even dropped a flare. Verified as I replay on TacView. SEVERAL attempts. So mission always ends up 2 F-14's vs you at 24,000 ft or if I get one of the F14's the other is 5000 feet or so above and already turning on me. F-14 merge - climb out of reach, (F-5 cannot climb with a F-14 let alone in this game where the physics that apply to you are exempt from the AI), and all I can do is unload, dive to try and recover some energy and defend. At least they aren't using 9M's :) The issues, I believe, are not with the creator of the module but with the AI of ED. Tried searching for examples of this campaign and all are from 2017 or earlier. I played the F/A-18c BFM and thoroughly enjoyed it so thought I'd give this one a shot. All I get from this one is wanting my money back. - Sorry Red Flag not blaming you - love the premise and the work you put into it but you can only work with the tools you are provided. Going to keep plugging away because I'm cursed with obsessive tenacity maybe will preemptively climb well above the 24,000 ft engagement parameter. But ED FIX the AI!
  12. This is annoying as I am experiencing this as well. The groups spawn fine. I've tried true and a delay 5 secs or so. On the F10 screen before they died when you highlight them they have a task. ie CAP, fighter sweep etc... but upon respawn they are taskless. I've tried both the mist.respawnGroup('groupname', true) and mist.cloneGroup('groupname', true) Did you ever figure this out?
  13. Been trying to create a mission where the AI flies some Aerobatics. If I have the AI do 180 turns in ADVANCED (WAYPOINT ACTIONS) as well as use the SWITCH WAYPOINT command it works fine. IF I do the same thing with 90° turns it ignores the SWITCH WAYPOINT command. HOWEVER after messing with it for some time I tried the F/A-18C AI aircraft (NOT the Lot 20) it works fine. I assume it's because the flight model of the Player aircraft is more complex and handles waypoints differently, even when the AI is 'flying' it. Well this should fix the problem except the F/A-18C doesn't allow for A-A TACAN to merge with it that the Lot 20 does. I tried BOTH embedded SWITCH WAYPOINT commands in the waypoints as well as Zone/trigger; identical results. I changed the Aircraft to a player flyable F-5 and F-16, (AI controlled) and they both work correctly. So I mention this so if anyone else is struggling with the AI consider an AI aircraft versus a 'Player' F/A-18C Lot 20, and hopefully can be addressed. For the record the course for this aircraft was as follows; Basically fly a Box and when low on fuel refuel and go back and carry on. WP0->WP1 (90° 3G turn left or right) -> WP2 (90° 3G turn left or right) -> WP3 (90° 3G turn left or right) -> WP4 (90° 3G turn left or right) AND SWITCH WAYPOINT <CURRENT to WP1> (Tried both Switch wp and turn as 1 and 2 for sequence) -> WP5 (refuel) - WP6 SWITCH WP to WP1 I experimented with both FLY OVER POINT and TURNING POINT waypoints. Again leaving everything else untouched and just changing to a different model solved the problem. So workable but still bugged, albeit a minor one.
  14. I wonder how hard it would be to include an option in the Waypoint information in the mission editor to enter the DMS directly - there a way to do this now?
  15. In multiplayer all I have ever been able to list is 25 servers or less. I talk to others and they say there are pages of servers out there. This happens on Open Beta and stable. I've tried searching the forums and the internet but unfortunately have come up empty, (syntax and terms can be a bugger some times for searches) I've looked for a setting that may limit this but no joy. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance... ------------------------------------------------------- Thought I'd update this, not a game problem... it's an ISP problem... If I tether to my cell phone it works properly but on my ISP it is crap. This illustrates it.
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