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  1. Will there be any plans to bring out a version compatible for the FC3 airframes?
  2. Both A10C's accept and show the WP's as well as the Harrier.
  3. I've just upgraded my NXT standard to a premium with the kit VKB sell, its used 90% of the time for dcs, just wopndered what people mapped the rapid fire black trigger for on the nose of the joystick? Why is it called rapid fire?
  4. Now with java updated, KA-50 wp's go in nicely and gives a route line between wp's. A10C and A10CII both import wp's fine, they appear on the map mfd, and Harrier works too but no route line, but I dont know the harrier well enough to judge if thee should be one or how its created from WP's.
  5. Thanks - runs fine now. Great to see all the wp's and route going into the Abris. Not working here, maybe thats cos I have the java 11 issue that prevents me running the unofficial alpha version?
  6. video comes up as private - cannot play. Also I tried the new TheWay after installing jave 11 and rebooting but its still asking me to reinstall java? I know this is an inssue with my pc setitngs probably but I just want to go flying
  7. Tried the A10c and A10cII but its not accepting the waypoint data entry. Do you have to be in a special mode or setting on the MFD's before trying to import the wp data? Unofficial binary demands that I install Java 11. I tried running again after install but its still asking me - maybe I need a restart first?
  8. Thanks for this, the KA-50 works fine, route-following with the above procedure but the map display does not show the wp's. The Heli steers nicely along the route though, and no fps issues for me. I will check the A-10cii
  9. ..in the F-16 yes, but how to get the Apache or KA-50 to accept a route input from the tool and not just a set of discrete points?
  10. This is brilliant! Tested in the F-16 and works perfectly, when I imported a set of waypoints into the Apache and the KA-50 it just imports a discrete set of points and not a course like you get in the F-16. Any way of making the separate wp's into a navigation track?
  11. but not the nxt standard version
  12. Yep - control axes conflicts, now sorted
  13. just had a thought - maybe axis assignment conflicts - recently upgraded to new joystick and not yet wiped the old assignments off the controls. Will test and revert - thanks!
  14. Sincel the recent update on openbeta my Viper ALT and ATT hold no longer hold either attitude or altitude. STRG and HDG switches work ok, just the Pitch ones seem to have lost function.
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