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  1. Hind and Viacom issue. I have an issue with getting Viacom to work with Hind properly. I have to say my command (using standard Viacom procedure) then press Hind specific radio trigger, otherwise command is recognized but not executed. Having comms menu displayed on the screen works around the problem. Any ideas how to solve this?
  2. Performance gains are real. It's tempting but I'll wait for 3080ti.
  3. This is not true (just like the rest of your post which I removed, screen tearing is directly linked to GPU time/content frame rate and display device refresh rate). G-Sync (or free sync) will virtually eliminate all screen tearing, because G-Sync enabled monitor will adapt its refresh rate continuously to device/content frame frequency, so as long as frame frequency is reasonable (varies.. about 30 fps or higher works ok), there won't be any screen tearing. In practice, it works very well in DCS. I don't know about any large (45 inch +) monitors/TVs with G-Sync/Free sync, but I think there are a couple out there made by NVidia.
  4. Same issue with the radar. Frames drop from 120fps to even low 20 when looking at the ground. Jet is unplayable. Nvidia card.
  5. It's already there. It's called "unlimited fuel". You will never have to refuel again.
  6. I'd try alternative VSPX processing, you don't need to pause between keywords. Works for me, although I turned it off because it doesn't allow for callsigns in the comms and I am used to it. I too have issues with words sounding the same.. I try to set up aliases when I can.
  7. I can't get AOCS to work at all, lately. Auto Briefing works, but "Crystal Palace, status/briefing" doesn't. I tired to tune to both 142.00 AM and 284.000 AM. Any ideas?
  8. Here is my experience: (This is more about Windows Speech Rec. than viacom) I am not native English speaker, but my accent is mild (been living in English speaking country for a long time). I've spent about an hour reading Viacom keywords/training speech recognition. No problems with VA recognizing me. I have 7 (yes, seven, I make music for fun and have specialized gear hooked up, plus 2 VR headsets, camera, headset) sound devices capable of recording, I just locked VA to my headset. No fumbling required. I know exactly what to say because I've read the manual and memorized phrases/protocols. I use Viacom with SRS and Discord at the same time. I have separate PTT button for Discord. I don't even know how to operate radios from keyboard. Total setup time was about 30 minutes, it took me about 2, 2-3 hours sessions to memorize most comms phrases, including JTAC interactions, by just playing the game.
  9. No, April means April. No particular year though.
  10. I could write about 4 pages about it, but just one random thing - translucency is a performance killer in VR.
  11. You've got your numbers backwards. It's coming in 6.5.2
  12. :lol: Yeah sure. A computer game is a security threat. This is one of my favorites when it comes to make believe, by the way. Local urban legend. I've heard AG radar is coming sometime this year. For now I just fly jets which have AG radar already available, if I fancy playing with it.
  13. I am done buying any modules for foreseeable future. Not only the goalposts are being moved as it suits ED, but also it's being announced in condescending way - I am tired of "we are special, therefore this is what you get" tone. Good luck on Steam. They can be quite effective in managing developers who don't deliver on EA or try to re-define EA.
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