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  1. When: April 26th, the briefing begins at 1430z, the event ends at 1700z Where: Server info will be up on our Discord. What: A 1989 blue-vs-blue battle event, generated by DCZ. Both sides have human commanders, controlling both the ground and air battle. There will be a briefing, up to 30 minutes, followed by up to 2 hours of battle. You're not required to read the briefing beforehand. SRS will be available for inflight comms, but is not required. Available slots: Attacker [Red]: 2x F-14B Tomcat 4x AJS-37 Viggen 1x AV-8B Harrier 2x F-5E 1x Mirage 2000C 4x SA342M 3x SA342Mistral 6x SA342L Defender [blue]: 3x F-14B 1x A-10A Note: The available air forces of a given side do not reflect their ground situation. Rules: Nothing fancy. It's one life per slot, meaning if we run short of people, you can use the empty slots if you die. Show up, kick ass, listen to the commanders, and have fun. We expect that you will be able to perform simple combat-related tasks with your aircraft of choice without causing a blue-on-blue incident or crashing into the ground, but other than that we're open to all kinds of players. How to join: 1. Check out the DCZ website. 2. Create an account (email thankfully not required). 3. Go into the "Contract List" page 4. Select a slot 5. Apply for Contract If you have any questions, you can ask them on our Discord. Note: Due to the mountain of issues with 2.5.6, we're forced to run the event on 2.5.5, as it's the only stable version available to both Steam and Standalone players.
  2. So, a quick question: Since it is my understanding that this is an one-life event, and given the prevalence of multi-role aircraft, exactly what stops a team from going full-A2A, wiping the other, and only then switching to A2G? It's not like DCS ground forces are much of a threat.
  3. Sputnik 1 | AveMe Lonewolf Poland Ping: 162 F-14B(Pilot) or F-18. I'd rather do AA than AG, but I won't complain. Blue Side If there are no free slots on Blue, or other complications occur it's 1. F-14B, 2. JF-17 on Red.
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