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    VR Ears

    I like total isolation myself hence why I use earbuds. When gaming the game is all I hear.
  2. Open XR is a great hardware agnostic runtime for VR, all we can do is petition for game devs to add support natively for the Open XR runtime. AFAIK MSFS 2020 is only flight sim to do this, and I believe iRacing recently added it as well.
  3. I could never get that to work either, so I went with the Options route. I have Options ticked on in the Vaicom settings. Then I say Options which brings up the menu, and take 1, 2, 3, etc for whatever selection is appropriate to get me to NVG install. A bit of a pain but it is one time and done for that flight, and better than trying to reach keys on my keyboard with VR headset on. Using Options is a good choice for those commands that are difficult to get through.
  4. This is somewhat confusing for me, but I am easily confused especially as I keep getting older lol. I will just try to share my thoughts and what I have understood about this. As I understand it the whole point of filling in the missing frames it order to hit 90 is what is called motion reprojection or as Steam calls it motion smoothing. Or even motion prediction. The missing frames are predicted and interpolated every other frame for the missed frames. So it will drop the fps to 45 fps but fill in the missing frames to equal 90 fps. So if that is going on then what is the difference? Without reprojection yes we are missing those frames hence the stuttering. But as the frames get higher the stuttering is less noticeable. That is how I perceive it in my Aero. At 45 fps I see some stuttering. As framerates increase the stuttering starts to decrease. The missing frames are still there but the timing increases so they appear to be less. I try to share my thoughts in the simplest of terms. Maybe I have this all wrong however that is how I have always perceived reprojection versus no reprojection to work basically. In the case of say MSFS 2020 with the Open XR Developer Tools, one can even run Motion Reprojection for headsets that support it, with 2 frames being interpolated for every 1 frame. Which really helps in a flight sim that demanding.
  5. I though Aero currently has no support for motion reprojection?
  6. No not normal. Running any mods?
  7. So nice to see this get updated, thank you so much!!
  8. You can't get that behavior as shown in the vid with VKB Clutch - at least I can't in mine it would not return to center. I wonder if they are using springs or have gone to something else for this base. It is interesting, I mean the movement was very smooth and same speed from letting go to returning to center. At least that was my impression from the video. Not sure how one would accomplish that with springs.
  9. Not really been that long, I pre-ordered the CM3 in Dec 2020 and took delivery in Jan 2021. They have hinted on a new T-50 base coming though so we know that at least is next.
  10. It is open for business! https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/11857-virpil-usa-store-grand-opening/ I hope to be able to visit the Tampa store at some point in the not too distant future. https://virpil-controls.us.com/
  11. CM3 Throttle is an awesome throttle absolutely love mine. Yeah that video has me very intrigued for sure. As much as I love my Gunfighter MK III Pro especially with the metal Ultimate Grip, this one has perked my interest for sure. But I really do not need to be spending any money anytime soon... but man the way that stick just smoothly went back to center when let go...
  12. This looks -- so very interesting... https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/11807-welcome-to-the-pilots-seat-virpil-controls-teaser/ Much as I don't need it - this one I may just have to get. Especially with U.S. store coming soon.
  13. This setting would be very subjective depending on each individual. There is no good answer as to whether one should use it or not. Use what looks about right for you.
  14. Just seemed to increase the overall clarity a little, maybe little less shimmering off in distance. Or could be placebo who knows, I just know I feel it is better and have run it that way for some time now. Vsync on Fast, not High.
  15. I have been doing both for quite a while now. MFAA enabled and vsync on fast.
  16. For me DCS seems to be right on with the scale, have not had a need to adjust in game IPD. At least for the Hornet or Apache which are the two I am currently flying. With any headset I have used so far. At least I don't think, hope I am remembering that right LOL.
  17. Not likely it will be close to 2d, as improvements are made to help VR so will improvements be made for the 2d experience. I don't see VR equaling 2d anytime soon if ever. For me though it is now VR or nothing, don't think I could go back to monitor play. I do love pretty graphics but not at the expense of the immersion I get in VR. Have not run a 2d game at all since Jan 2017 when I first got into VR. However a big caveat here - I only do single player.
  18. Yes I run clouds on Ultra as well with my Aero. I cut down in some other areas so I can run them at Ultra. They look so good. Once you have seen them the other levels just aren't that great.
  19. Yeah maybe a little now that you mention it. Also running in Steam VR.
  20. Yeah I waited right at a year for mine but it was so worth the wait. I could not imagine going without it now. Miles is making some production changes to hopefully shorten that lead time. It is so popular the orders just keep coming in it seems. I load up a mission, have my two FCU's attached to my forefingers, and just reach out and flip switches/dials. Very cool product.
  21. You need to grab the WMR Debug Tool. Then use it to flip the top/bottom lenses and save it. That will fix the fisheye effect. If you still have the distortion effect insure you are are the latest Varjo Base software/firmware. Previous versions had another distortion profile that had an effect similar to this.
  22. Absolutely, 2d on a monitor will always spank VR in a headset in performance by a fairly large margin. That is one unchangeable fact. Hopefully as time moves on the gap will start to at least close some.
  23. That should not matter, as you can see by the shortcut properties I posted my DCS is not on my system drive either. Did you also try flipping the top/bottom lenses using the DCS WMR Debug Tool? IIRC this needs to be done for Aero as well with DCS. https://forum.dcs.world/topic/214525-wmr-debug-tool-cross-eye-alignment/ You have misspelled steam_VR in that image. Fix the misspelling for steam_VR in the shortcut properties and use the Debug Tool to swap top/bottom lenses and save, and you should be golden.
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