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  1. Waste of time, maybe if it had the same engine thrust as the super hornet it could be an ok mod, but it is just the same as the c model.
  2. Flying the campaign that came with the AV8B. The Ai wingmen keeps crashing cause they have a weird rubber band behavior. Did add a TacView file that shows the wingman starts to slide sideways causing "him" to lose formation and then crash. Watch from 4:23 it happens soon after that time. Tacview-20220604-085047-DCS-OC_M02_FINAL.zip.acmi
  3. This aircraft was the first i bought and i really hate it cause i don't get the logic of the systems, all the other 20 aircraft/helis i now own make sense and i can learn all the systems if i follow tutorials. When i follow a tutorial on the Harrier i don't get it to work, i have not fired a single maverick cause i don't figure out the work flow.
  4. Did a couple of restarts after the update and it did resolve itself. I did try to look for that setting but couldn't find it.
  5. F2 View rotation don't get stopped by the ground. OB
  6. Yeah I like the KA-50 better, that thing is a flying sniper rifle. But the radar on the longbow will change alot when it becomes active.
  7. Smooth fps in vr, well all my modules run smooth on my system. Dont understand many of the systems yet. Looking forward to when Chuck makes a manual
  8. Well hmd follows the head movement this did not. Track ir is cheating as you can see 360 degree by just move your head a few degree.
  9. Where do you got that info? This is something new and the whole purpose of it's use is gone as it now blocks the view.
  10. The VTB Viewport has black background in VR (have not tested without). Version: Open Beta.
  11. Well i know, some people get motion/sea sick some don't, but the person talked like everyone got sick. I also simrace, but i usually drive without vr cause i don't need it there, vr dosent affect me there either.
  12. Not true, i have never been or felt sick while using vr.
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