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  1. With a TOT for WYPT 6, you will have a TOT cue that is always calculated for your current position. The groundspeed cue if set, is only from the last waypoint before the target.
  2. Not a bug, it's mentioned in some WPs.
  3. If you have a friendly aircraft say 20nm away on radar and interrogate it(assuming your APX- is on), it will come back as friendly. If you were to then move the radar away or silence it to where no track exists, subsequent interrogations yield no reply whatsoever. I was smoked by a friendly Hornet in my F-15 today because he didn't know I was there. Had this been working properly, he would've seen my aircraft when he interrogated the bandit across the circle from me and I might've made it back with those 7 air victories.
  4. Yeah, no. ED didn't change anything about guidance, the P in DCS gives you an additional 1kg to the warhead...
  5. No issue. You can see in real-world HUD footage the same thing happening.
  6. The HUD EW stems are reserved for unknown, lethal, and critical threat emitters. However in DCS friendly emitters such as the air search radars from a USN task force can and will take up all the HUD EW stems if detected first. They shouldn't be displayed on the HUD at all.
  7. This is definitely true, at anything over 20 alpha the roll rate is abysmal compared to the aircraft it should waltz over in that regime.
  8. You should have a track in SP, and ED will need one... It's possible they got some of their logic in the code applied in the wrong place. First thing I think of is the AZ/EL TDC cursor. When slewing the radar scan the right side of the TDC (displays as a +) shows just the altitude of the center of the radar scan volume at half the selected scale/range on the Attk format.
  9. Also EXP 3 is DBSSAR so the resolution should not change with range. The high quality image you get at 4nm you should get at 40nm.
  10. Yes, because (@BIGNEWY correct me if I'm wrong) DCS dosen't actually model the radar, it's just a filtered version of what the map would look like with azimuth limits for the display. Of course you would have those LOS limits IRL. Now in at 80° the radar can still face down enough to map at a distance, but I've seen it track the ground below me in a pure vertical climb.
  11. Absolutely, this also goes with the data refresh rate. It's stated that the maximum L16 track update interval is 12 seconds from a SURV source. In DCS that's the standard across the board... It's stated that a F/F link (therefore local PPLI) is 1/3 the time of a SURV source. So at absolute maximum the update rate is 4 seconds... Then yeah, with that all the data sources are talking to each other helping to build a more accurate picture.
  12. They are certainly underpowered. The jet should be able to hold with brakes in MIL, but can't in DCS.
  13. It's just a C with 2 seats. No new capability. An F is actually a completely different aircraft.
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