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  1. Hulkbust44's post in TWS Launch Warning was marked as the answer   
    Not at all. You can have 10 missiles guiding on 10 tracks simultaneously. Also, the missile will only go active at a pre-determined point, doesn't matter what you do in the jet. 

    2. That's not possible. The "warning" comes from the missile itself.

    Good questions!
  2. Hulkbust44's post in AGM62 Walleye with Litening / ATFLIR was marked as the answer   
    Well yes, they're just different ways to refine the TGT point.
  3. Hulkbust44's post in Why do we have two FLIRs? was marked as the answer   
    LITENING is the older model but it's in primary use by the USMC fromand bases. Not carrier rated.

    ATFLIR is what's used off carriers and is much more modern.
  4. Hulkbust44's post in SA page TDC cursor disappears when not SOI was marked as the answer   

    IRL it would just be a depress on a donor track to target it. Many other ways too. In DCS just creat an OS wypt with bulls as the OAP.
  5. Hulkbust44's post in Being Able to Super-cruise (Up to M1.19) At Alt 30k+ was marked as the answer   
    And? What says this shouldn't be possible?


  6. Hulkbust44's post in Cannot switch BST to VACQ directly in ACM modes was marked as the answer   
    This is correct behavior. With the HMD on SCS aft in the ACM condition commands UP LOOK. To use VACQ you must first enter WACQ.


  7. Hulkbust44's post in TACAN data not showing on HUD but on HSI - is it me or is it a bug? was marked as the answer   
    You need to select TACAN as the navigation source via the HSI. Top left, click TCN.


  8. Hulkbust44's post in Harm issues on F16 was marked as the answer   
    Missclicked mate, this is the Hornet forum.


    Your HARMs weren't on the inner pylons right? You can't fire from those.


  9. Hulkbust44's post in ATFLIR use during night time was marked as the answer   
    Have you unstowed the FLIR with a double press of the NWS button?
    Are you in FLIR IR or TV? You need IR to really see anything at night, and then you need to adjust the contrast and such.


  10. Hulkbust44's post in Hornet Radar has real trouble finding targets and loses lock was marked as the answer   
    So the Hornet radar was severaly bugged last patch but is working great right now. (Well as it's designed by ED)
    Most likely you aren't adjusting the radar elevation to where it can see the target.
    You adjust the antenna angle with the HOTAS command "antenna elevation control." You can see the maximum and minimum altitude search values on the yellow TDC cursor on the attack format. The top number shows the maximum view of the radar cone at the cursors range, and the bottom shows the minimum value.


  11. Hulkbust44's post in FA 18 C MFD map dose not display was marked as the answer   
    With 2.7.1 the Hornet was corrected in that the map can only be displayed at scale of 40 and below. However, on some maps there is a bug and some scales below 40 don't display.


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