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  1. Thanks Mower, you arse. :D And +1
  2. Just barging in after umpt odd years, to see nothin's changed really. ;) And to realize that my ancient 30% warning still holds it's pathetic place..... :D Cheers fellas, beer's on me. :drink:
  3. Well, "Status: Getting there" :D
  4. Dutch Flanker Display Team ;)
  5. What's wrong with dumping fuel during a mission?? I do it all the time I find out SAMs are gaining on me...:(
  6. I need to go to the loo every 90 minutes on a saturday night, nothing's going to stop me...:D
  7. 50 ey? Time to get a Fat Boy!! Happy birthday Ziggy, may you have many more to come.
  8. This post/thread should be locked.
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