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  1. Thanks Mower, you arse. :D And +1
  2. Just barging in after umpt odd years, to see nothin's changed really. ;) And to realize that my ancient 30% warning still holds it's pathetic place..... :D Cheers fellas, beer's on me. :drink:
  3. Well, "Status: Getting there" :D
  4. Dutch Flanker Display Team ;)
  5. What's wrong with dumping fuel during a mission?? I do it all the time I find out SAMs are gaining on me...:(
  6. I need to go to the loo every 90 minutes on a saturday night, nothing's going to stop me...:D
  7. 50 ey? Time to get a Fat Boy!! Happy birthday Ziggy, may you have many more to come.
  8. This post/thread should be locked.
  9. This post belongs in the chitchat section. It would be refreshing to see the "moderators" actualy do their job right. That's my feedback.
  10. I'll need some active members first here Fudd.....:D
  11. There's no mess in here, I guess some peeps just got tired of being pushed around and asked the same questions everytime, eventhough I think they over reacted just a wee bit. Not that I'm in any way questioning the mods..:music_whistling: Anyway, back to topic, perhaps this BIG announcement is a very positive one, anybody ever thought of that? Why would it be a negative one? My guess is ED will surprise us in a good way, not a bad way.
  12. Forum rules & policies We ask member discussions and product feed-back to be conducted in a courteous and mature manor. The following is incompatible with membership of this discussion board and will not be tolerated * Poster references to usage of drugs and alcohol. Moderators should know the forum rules.........
  13. Ah... I see Cosmonaut has the same high standard quality taste as myself!! You should visit the illustrious 355th homepage for some piccy donation...:D
  14. Lol, Black Shark and GnR's Chinese Democracy, said it before, saying it again. I think the announcement will be that W. Axl Rose has bought ED, and wants to start from scratch with the whole project cuz he's not satisfied, then the entire dev team will be fired and we'll all be left in the dark for another 10 years give or take a few...
  15. No combat included, it's just flying around basicly.....
  16. I think the grey boxes are from the banned persons? Lets do a test, Hitman, give me some rep, then get yourself banned.......:D
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