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  1. Thanks - this sounds like a weekend project. I think I'm going to pull my DCS off the NVME and leave that to SVR games for the kids. I'll buy another NVME this weekend and reinstall DCS clean on that and point OXR that way. I'm looking forward to seeing what the difference will be. Maybe the smoother gameplay will help with the nausea
  2. Thanks @TED & @DeltaMike I really didnt fiddle with much since i started out but i think i'm ready to explore OpenXR. One question though... the kids like beatsabre and assetto corsica... can i keep steamVR around and force through openxr or do i need to abandon steamvr all together. I'll read through the instructions and let you know what i think in this thread. @TED thanks for the offer for a talk through... i read your other thread but it looks like you have experimented much further since your first post there. Kirk
  3. i just recently jumped in and have a XFX 6900xt black limited. HP Reverb G2gen2. Honestly- i didn't do a damn thing in terms of fiddling around.. i installed WMR and Steam VR and just launch DCS into VR. In single player it plays great. I'm working through VR nausea before i try multiplayer as i need to pause quite a bit to take a break. 6900xt is loud. I undervolted and created a custom fan curve to keep card temps below 75. - oh i also set radeon chill to cap my fps at 45 ... i had some stutters that i didnt like. Other than that it has actually been easier than i thought. Once i get my VR legs better maybe I'll start messing with OpenXR or other tweaks but as it stands I just don't see a need. Working fine for me.
  4. Just ordered the Reverb G2 gen2 from HP Canada. Have to admit i'm excited. more excited than i have been in a while with DCS> Hopefully I'll avoid all the cabling issues etc and have a smooth setup. Can someone point me to a definitive thread to get things setup / optimized for DCS?
  5. probably a RtFm issue but ... why when i do a cold start i dont see any HUD symbology in my IHADS/HMD sight?
  6. Thanks Bossco. I did notice that the radeon overlay is still reporting spikes above 60 fps even with Chill and V-Sync on. weird. I plan to buy a Reverb G2 soon so hopefully this groundwork getting things to stabilize will help with VR. Although I'll presume there will be a whole new round of tweaking required then. S!
  7. you know - i wasnt running any fps cap and i was running stock voltage. I have now set a custom fan curve, undervolted and used radeon chill to cap out at 60 frames on my 60 hz monitor. Now its super quiet and butter smooth. Never going above 75 deg C. I think it was the card pushing up to 144 fps that was making everything hot and loud. those kind of frames just arent needed i figure. Thanks for all the tips on undervolting ... that seemed to fix things. S!
  8. @CptBlighDo you mind if I ask ... what are your temps while playing DCS ? I can flip the fans easy enough. I do wonder though... when calculating positive/negative case pressure. do i include the PSU and GPU fans/exhausting or only consider the case fans?
  9. you know it made me realize that the old 1070 just wasn't aircooled like the new GPU are. I hadn't thought of that so increased noise over my sons gaming makes sense. As for undervolting, it looks simple enough but I'd be lying if i said it wasnt intimidating. Maybe I'll order my Reverb G2 and see if how i manage with temps and noise before i start walking things back from stock. unless thats a stupid strategy.. i get what you say about things being overvolted for simplicity at factory side. I feel like i just need to watch temps. from what i can tell temps in the 80 c range arent crazy.
  10. Hey all, I just finished my new PC build for DCS and spun it up in a Free Flight and then tried the Isle out. I have a few question for other 6900 XT owners. When the card fans kick in ... they are loud. I mean loud like adding another immersive level to my jet sim. The GPU is heating to about 75-80 deg which seems normal to my research online https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-radeon-rx-6900-xt/33.html My son is running the same CPU and MOBO combo but on a much older 1070. on same settings in the isle he is as quiet as a ninja. For the 6900 XT owners out there... is this normal? I am historically an NVIDIA user so i'm not sure if there is something else i should be doing on this big card build (spec in sig.) My case is a 5000D, 3 fans venting out front. top mount AIO/3 fan pulling in. 1 x rear fan venting out and the PSU mounted upside down to vent. Seems like i have good airflow. Whats this i hear about undervolting cards? would that help? is the default fan curve on these too high? thanks for any insight. S!
  11. I see the G2 is on sale in Canada. For those of you watching... is this sale an ongoing thing? Do they have sales at predictable times of the year? Is this a good price? Should I jump on this now? its like a 100$ off.... https://www.hp.com/ca-en/shop/offer.aspx?p=hp-reverb-g2-vr-headset Thanks
  12. just built a new pc and have a couple questions if I may: I took my old DCS Samsung 1TB SSD over from my old PC that had my install of DCS on. I have an NVME now that i installed windows on... should i keep running DCS off the Samsung or install fresh on the NVME? If i install DCS on the nvme, is there a way to point it to the SSD for all the maps and module installs (i'd like it to boot faster but the maps and modules take up soooo much space ) I maxed the graphics out just to check performance... my radeon 6900xt was at 77/78 deg C and my CPU with liquid cooling was at 50 deg. are they too hot? when i stopped the sim my cpu dropped to 38 deg c and the gpu to 50 deg C My new TUF Gaming Mobo doesnt have too many USB ports.... What are you guys doing / what should i consider in order to get my warthog/mfd/rudders hooked up cleanly? Thanks ... looking forward to flying again.
  13. ok - if that XFXSpeedster MERC319 Radeon RX 6900XT Limited Black is still there tomorrow I'll grab it.
  14. Ah man - that would be excellent @TED - Maybe I can help you put together an optimization video and upload it to support the use case. Might i ask what CPU you are running and the speed? I imagine that would influence performance. i am planning to liquid cool and boost the 5800x i have to squeeze more performance out. Cheers,
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