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  1. i am also interested in responses here. It would seem that there are definitely varying opinions but man I'd like some updated thoughts from folks. The last real debate here was from back when the 4k tvs became relatively available and affordable. what is the recommendation for the resolution vs size argument??/ Is there a sweet spot folks have landed on?
  2. i did not find a solution but i also have not had the issue for a long time now... it ... just stopped one day.
  3. happened to me as well ... i'll see if i can reproduce.
  4. i didnt notice any blue screen ... i'll watch for that. i'll look into WMR sleep and USB suspend.
  5. I just tested in VR again... hitting the windows key while in a session does not reproduce what happened. the menu does not come up. i wonder if it heard a command in the background?? so weird.
  6. maybe... do you know how i would get back into VR when this happens? i.e. if i am stuck looking at the desktop in vr of my session, is there any way to "Get back into" vr from there?
  7. Hey all, I had my G2 surprise me a few times now where I'll be flying along in VR and all of a suddent the WMR menu will pop up (the app menu with the little house at the bottom that you get when you use the controller). Obviously this sucks but when i clear it away i am placed into my WMR space (empty box, i dont use cliff house) and i can't get back into VR... i have to land by flying my jet through the desktop 2d render in the headset. Has anyone else had this happen to them and is there a way to prevent this from happening? My controllers are off and I dont use them... What could be triggering the menue to pop up? is it something with open composite? Thanks.
  8. D’oh I was launching with a mismatch of elevation - both need to be admin or both not. Found that in the GitHub. Sorry Fred I should have looked there first. I’m getting the message history and aircraft tabs now - just have to test a bit more but I think everything is working. Am I correct to expect it to be pulling all the flight frequencies and tacans in from briefing - didn’t see that’s in my test miz- maybe I need to try a different miz..
  9. Anyone else having trouble getting the kneeboard to turn on? I installed with the exe and confirmed all the paths are correct, i bound my keys and i have OKB running in background when i fly but i can get anything to render in the VT pit. Help?
  10. A couple questions if i may as i have installed the software to try with my G2 and OpenXR Where does the program install? I checked my program files after i ran the msix.zip and even tried searching for it but i can't find its install path? Subsequently - how would i uninstall if i cant get it to work? I installed - my default keybinds to bring up kneeboard in DCS just bring up the regular kneeboard i have been using. I assume this is because I did not set OKB bindings yet? OKB doesnt seem to accept multi-key binds or the hat switches i have available for binding... what key binds are you folks using that do not conflict with any DCS modules? Looking forward to trying it out. EDIT** I set up my keybinds and confirmed both the saved games and exe folders are being pointed at but nothing renders for a kneeboard when i click the assignment for show/hide... am i missing something? OpenKneeboard is running in the background and I even see the message log when i quit dcs. nothin in-game though. Help?
  11. any noticeable performance hit with OKB?
  12. Hey all, I have come across 2 kneeboards for VR but I'm wondering what (if any) impact they might have on game performance? I am using the G2 with OpenXR and am looking at OpenKneeboard or the VRK Kneeboard. Open Kneeboard: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3320771/ VRK: Is anyone using either of those with the G2 and which do you recommend? Is there something better i dont know about? Thanks.
  13. hey all, as per my other thread, i have been using openXR for dcs. Tonight i tried to launch steam VR to play star wars squadrons and it launches into the Steamvr room with potato resolution. the games are also potato resolution. The MR for windows is all fine... just anything in SteamVr is pixelated. Have any of you had this happen? any idea how to fix? Thanks.
  14. i have a tuf gaming x570 pro mobo. No XMP but it does have the asus version DOCP. Usually its a matter of enabling DOCP to pick the speed from the bios dropdown but my PC is failing to post when i do that... i think its because my 2x32 sticks are in the A!/B1 slots... should be A2/B2 basedo n my research. tahnks a million man... i'll try this out tonight after work and try to report back. Seriously guys. I appreciate the feedback. I opened the thread because it felt like i had to adjust sooooo many things that i was getting lost.
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