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  1. Can someone or ED do the Have Glass paint scheme for the 77th FS Gamblers please? https://www.scramble.nl/military-news/gamblers-deploy-to-saudi-arabia https://www.airfighters.com/photo/246108/M/USA-Air-Force/General-Dynamics-F-16C-Fighting-Falcon/91-0353/ https://www.airfighters.com/photo/246057/M/USA-Air-Force/General-Dynamics-F-16C-Fighting-Falcon/91-0353/ https://www.airfighters.com/photo/250826/M/USA-Air-Force/General-Dynamics-F-16C-Fighting-Falcon/91-0377/ https://www.airfighters.com/photo/246104/M/USA-Air-Force/General-Dynamics-F-16C-Fighting-Falcon/91-0377/
  2. Hi guys, I just did it and I loose the vertical and lateral axes could you tell me how to restore them?
  3. Hi, I just bought your campaign but I'm stuck at the first mission. I'm on the CAT, give the salute (by shit U and by comm menu) and my Tomcat is not launch. I end whith no fuel and still on the CAT. Is it a bug or I'm messing something?
  4. I dream about the EQ6 version, Exocet, AS30 L, LGB!
  5. The manufacturer can develop the solution to use a Tpod but the army have to buy the option and modify the aircraft. The French and Spanish F1 don't have the ability to use a Tpod. They don't have the control set up in the cockpit, the TV display, the pylon is not compatible to make the Pod working.
  6. I read them both, excellent reading!
  7. The French Air Force never used the ATLIS pod on the Mirage F1, it was only for the Jaguar, Mirage 2000D and Super Etendard. The F1 CT can carry LGB but need a JTAC or another aircraft to guide the bomb. The AS 30 L was not used by the French Mirage, only by the Irakian with the F1 EQ5/6 because it's the ONLY version of the F1 able to carry a targeting pod.
  8. The F1 CT didn't have a POD.
  9. I thought it was only for the stored heading alignement, my bad!
  10. Hi, I have a problem with the F16 after a cold start and normal INS alignement. I create steerpoints, they are showing on the HSI but I have no navigation informations on the HUD. When I do the stored heading alignement I don't have the problem. Is it normal or a bug?
  11. It's quite normal, the ILS is just next to the runway. If not you crash on it when you land!
  12. I have a question about the flight model. On the real aircraft the manoeuvrability was better with the Magic/Sidewinder missile rail installed. Are you planning to modelised it on the module flight model ?
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