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  1. The dogfight mode switch i think has 3 positions. Center = off. Then there is the dogfight mode which defaults to aim9 and guns (if no aim 9 it will use amraams and gun). Easiest Indicator for that mode is the gun funnel in the hud. the other position is the missile override mode, which for the most part is identical to the notmal AA mode. But because it is an override mode to quickly get amraams, it will, as its name says, override whatever mode you are in at the time of selecting the Missile Override Mode. to exit that mode, you‘d have to deselect the Missile override mode by placing the switch in the center/off position. there‘s a ton of different binding options for the dogfight mode. if you use buttons instead of a 3 way switch, you might wanna bind the following 2 Dogfight/center missile override/center which means, the buttons act as toggle between the center and respective mode
  2. That‘s the way. If you are in AA, press AA again. If in AG, press AG again. However, if you are in dogfight mode/missile override mode, you must exit that mode first and it will send you to the mode that was selected prior to the dogfight mode, that could be any of the three (nav, ag,aa). also make sure you‘re not in Selective jettison
  3. oh i dunno about AI. i have never tried with AI wingmen to get them to send their SPI to me but if other players send a SPI, there is a message showing in the HUD something like "MRKPT 500" which lets you know that the transmitted SPI is now saved in your Jet on Steerpoint 500. on the HSD, there's a small (i think yellow) "x" at the location of all the received SPIs that wingmen sent to you. all you have to do at that time is to press 4 on the ICP to open the STPT page, then select STPT 500, hit enter. then i press CZ to get rid of any slew offsets and i should be looking right where the transmitted SPI is. To get rid of the HUD message, press the WARN RESET on the ICP
  4. No need for high blood pressure mate, scroll up a bit and read again.
  5. there's buttons that can be bound in the controls that basically set throttle from OFF to IDLE and another to set from IDLE to OFF. there might even be one that toggles the state IDLE/OFF. For axis settings i dont know. it definitely is possible to set up within some software (depending on your joystick of course) to define the first say 5% of your axis range to act as a button. this would work well probably with Throttle quadrants with physical detents. so you could set the idle detent where your throttle range reaches 5%. drawback of such a "virtual button" is obviously, that you'd sacrifice some axis range and depending on how much range your throttle has, it can make fine adjustments a little tricky, for AAR or formation flying as an example. but i personally havent tried it myself, so i dont really have any experience with that. i use 2 buttons, one from off to idle, and one from idle to off. and it works perfectly fine i'm sure some guys can describe it a lot better and there may even be some youtube tutorials on such things.
  6. If you move the throttle axis, does the throttle in the jet also move from the off to the idle position? You might have to bind a key for that, or set your axis up to include off and idle positions
  7. Yeah it‘s a pity. Even the same flight of F-16s. If you dont spaen in and power it on at the exact same time, your clocks are out of sync. For any actualy TOS you‘d have to do a manual sync of the clock or use the hack
  8. Make sure that you select the transmitted SPI as your active steerpoint first.
  9. All one can do is wait. Same thing with the TTI and TTA indications in the HUD that are missing for the last amraam… it‘s been reported soooo many times, and yet it‘s still not there. It is kinda frustrating
  10. The issue is that the SPI doesnt update when a target is moving. The mav will look at the place where you first pressed tms up. You can cross check that with the target box location. It doesnt move, even if the tgp in point track is following the vehicle. It‘s a know issue and has sadly been around for a pretty long time now. Also there has not been any mention since way back that a fix is on the way
  11. Comms switch IFF IN for longer than .5 seconds make sure HSD XMT L16 is active
  12. stay above 12k ft whenever possible you can only flare off what you see coming, and when flying solo there is no way to see it all
  13. track added MAV Range Scale stuck.trk
  14. Loaded 4 Mavs and 2 CBU87, fired all mavs, swapped to the cbu87 and the Range scale from the mav was stuck on the HUD and HMCS. See screenshots. powering off the MAV on the SMS page removed the scale tho
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