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  1. Just had SAS, Antiskid and EAC cut out on me. I've see this before in the campaign too.
  2. Just encountered it again at the end of the mission 3 New Digs. Very starnge.
  3. Been seeing it in mission 2 on RTB after the mission. I'll try making a trk if i can.
  4. Has anyone else playing through this campaign noticed this behaviour, its such a great campaign but this issue is really disconcerting. Seems to unique to this campaign, maybe mission designers could take a look at the weather/wind conditions to check there is not a problem?
  5. The convoy won't move for me they pop a flare and then they just sit there and then and do nothing, anyone got any ideas?
  6. I can't get the Hover check to trigger correctly, maybe my hover isn't steady enough?
  7. I was messing around in the mission and discovered if i used my search light to light Bison team position the firefight would trigger correctly and the mission could be completed
  8. Having a problem with the rooftop pickup, the seal's fire a flare when im close to the roof I land on the roof and ....nothing. They just stand there, i've done this mission five times now and its the same every time. Anyone else get this to work?
  9. I'm pretty disappointed with the ADF issues i've encountered in the campaign, I payed money for this campaign and i expected it to work or least be maintained but it appears to abandonware.
  10. I am encountering this using the A10c Legacy in the Persian Gulf map in the Operation Persian Freedom campaign. I've noticed the pitching up on landing and also nose down on a couple of occasions. Never seen this behaviour before but I've also had issues with losing SAS, EAC and antiskid in this campaign for no apparent reason. Very confusing.
  11. When initiating AAR the process you describe works in the F18c but not A10c, but vaicom does work in both aircraft when i use the phrase "approaching for refuel".
  12. Ok so what i was saying was that it does work perfectly fine if you use the standard Mic Switch and Fkeys method, the issue i had was a result of using "Vaicom Pro for DCS" to open menus and make selections. Sorry to have confused everyone. There is no need for further investigation
  13. Also three months ago I got Vaicom Pro. But I hadn't bothered to look up the phrase to tell the tanker "intent to refuel" I was just using vaicom to open the AM radio menu then choosing menu item 6 then menu item 1. This doesn't work in the A10c but does in the F18c because reasons. Using the phrase "approaching for refuel" works great though and I'm not able to make a .trk of me being dumb so you'll just have to trust me, I'm an old timer I know what I'm talking about.
  14. I've done this many times and something has changed over the last three months as tanker no longer repsonds to "intent to refuel". The mission ive been using for years doesn't work and editing the F18 AAR mission which works when player is in F18 but not in the A10c. I know how to set my radios in A10c cockpit, i can change the contact freq in ME to anyhting i want and F18 is fine but nothing works for the old A10c.
  15. Yeah i did try a UFC app for android but it cost ten frames a second on my hardware so i moved to this solution for the UFC plus I had the spare MFD and some free space on the second monitor. YMMV
  16. So I constructed a makeshift UFC for the F18 using a spare Cougar MFD and a programmable keyboard which works really nicely and is much cheaper than buying a replica. I got the UFC viewport output by changing lua files and replacing it every time DCS updates. It would be really awesome if the UFC viewport was official and the viewport was "brighter" as it is pretty dim and the best way to make it visible on the second monitor is to increase the UFC to full brightness in DCS which is fine in day missions but probably will be an issue on night missions. I know this will be very low priority but it would be nice to get as the UFC is so heavily used in the F18c.
  17. I've tried this in the a10 and the F18 and it works perfectly. I can't get the "Menu;..Show options" or "Cargo;..show options" to work in the the huey sometimes the menu is shown but you can't select any of the options sometimes the menu comes up the by just pressing TX1, i've tried using the dial selector knob to pick different channels but nothing works for me. Any help would be much appreciated.
  18. So I've decided I "need" the Super Taurus throttle unit to replace my perfectly functional and adequate warthog throttle. The longer travel of the taurus throttle will surely provide more precision for refueling and helo's. Wanted to get some info about mounting the thing and opinions on how good the throttle is, looks like it's gonna be plenty expensive so I want to avoid buyers remorse at all costs. THe Winwing mounts look awful, the monstertech mount looks better but thats another £100 on top the £510 quid, in for £510 quid in for £610 as they say lol. Advice from anyone will be appreciated but especially anyone with experience of buying these things in the UK.
  19. In DCS 2.5xx this mission had almost cloudless clear blue skies but the 2.7xx update has filled the AO with lovely fluffy clouds that obscure the area from view for me and my flight forcing us down into the engagement range of the SA-19 which results in the wingfolks eating a SAM for brunch. It's not really a bug just wondered if the weather conditions will be changed as the original mission design had us at 16000ft which is not possible anymore. Apart from that i liked the campaign alot and would recommend anyone give it shot.
  20. Thanks guys I went into the module manager and removed F18c from the list of installed modules and thats it fixed now.
  21. So i tried the hornet when the free trial was being done and now that its over I'm stuck with this warning every time I start DCS. Authorization is valid for 2d 23h 59m The following DLCs are not authorized and will be disabled: F/A-18C Please god let there be a way to get rid of this annoying thing.:wallbash:
  22. I have the same CPU and was considering an upgrade in the autumn, would love to know what DCS specific benefits you get from your upgrade.
  23. Hey there got mine in today, had a little trouble with installation but i got it sorted and going again within an hour. The post below details the issue i had and how i managed to overcome my issue. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=272738
  24. So I got my Delta sim upgrade today and decided to get it installed but the wire that attaches the throttle handle PCB to the PCB in the base of the throttle has detached. There isn't any slack in the cable so I'm in a bit of trouble now trying to reattach it. Any help would be super appreciated. EDIT So i ended up taking the "plate" off the back of the throttle handle to get access to the internals and got it working. What id did was 1 Remove the cover that sits between the throttle handles which gives you limited access to the screws the retain the cover. 2 I removed the back screw (the one closest to "idle", i didnt have to do anything to the front one) and then pulling the cover up and over the magnet allowing me to rotate the cover and expose the "back side" so i could then use needle nose pliers to reattach the connection. So its all good now but a fair bit of sweaty palms was experienced over the last hour.
  25. Has anyone got diff.lua's for a good layout for the stick and throttle? :thumbup: Edit: For the original Warthog stick and throttle, not the new F18 stick
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