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  1. The Hornet lights in VR, at certain distances, are a single blob twice the size of the aircraft itself. I assume all lighting needs a review.
  2. What a frustrating stance. Just look around this forum and other social media platforms for what your Customers think are priorities.
  3. I have contemplated raising Open/Out sourcing as a Wish List item to clear the backlog that ED do not have time for. I'm sure there are a boat load of old hackers(tm) that are frustrated enough to dedicate more than a few free hours.
  4. It is so frustrating being an outlier and having your issues diminished to a pissy tag essentially telling you to <profanity> off and find your own workaround.
  5. I have this issue with Reverb G2, both VR zoom levels are extremely cross-eyed and unusable.
  6. I concur, tracers have been changed. Distant tracers only render in one eye. Closing tracers become visible in both eyes.
  7. Also mobo, processor, memory, graphics card, storage device, peripherals, seat, age, height, weight, visual acuity, trekkie or star wars.
  8. I can't tell if those pilots are wearing polarized sunglasses, but I'm pretty sure the instant compact camera didn't have one. I believe sunglasses have been requested which would remove most of the reflections. EDIT: fixed age related mistake
  9. The fixed foveated feature allows control over the masked areas. It also does not state that this wouid be disabled if already used by a game, and so I will keep testing. oh, and please don't stop progress!
  10. It does not appear to matter which one is renamed. I think I messed up key bindings the first time round.
  11. Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for! Yes!!! It works, they can be combined, phew. EDIT: Renaming vrperfkit's DLL worked, renaming reshade DLL didn't. EDIT #2: Retesting, this may be wrong. EDIT #3: Restested. It does not appear to matter which one is renamed. I just tried swapping the DLLs around and the combination of reshade and vrperfkit still worked.
  12. Yes, I have tested it and it works, mostly. However, please note that it is implemented using dxgi.dll instead of the original openvr_api.dll which means it will disable Reshade if you had it installed. EDIT: found this about possibly combining, testing now... https://github.com/fholger/vrperfkit/issues/9 EDIT #2: Yes, you can combine them by renaming one "d3d11.dll".
  13. I'm using vrperfkit with my Reverb G2. Fholger's github page did say Oculus and OpenVR so I tested anyway. The normal features appear to work well (fsr, nis, cas (new), sharpen, radius, etc.) however, I didn't see much difference with the fixed foveated enabled or disabled on my 3090. More testing tonight.
  14. I have had mine for around 2.5 years and still prefer it to the original A-10 grip. Likes Extra weight provides more accuracy Prefer layout and types of buttons and switches Ability to fly (cruise/formation) with hand resting on top of the stick Issues Grip had mechanical y-axis movement (slight wobble), I rejected TM's RMA request - solved: tightened screws, added wooden wedge Trigger switch second detent is "sticky" on release - unresolved Castle switch "push" action lacks feedback - unresolved Paint degrading under where palm rests to reveal grey metal - unresolved: I like the look and feel Red weapon release button out of reach - unresolved (currently desk mounted, needs proper mount) The TM base is not so good. It has approximately 4 degrees of mechanical rotational movement which I have not been able to resolve. Will replace with Virpil base when I build simpit. I paid £189.00 (approximately $260.00).
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