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  1. Had one of my best weekends since the release of DCS: Blackshark. Ladies and Gentleman, we have our Brunner Killer. The Rhino is not just an plug&play FFB base, it's also one of the best joystick bases i ever had. I will go into detail in the future...
  2. First Rhino spotted in the wild... And i let it into my home. Can't tell you how happy i am. Amazing times, to see what one guy can achieve. Next steps are helping @walmis to smooth out the fine details, and testing testing testing...
  3. And trimmable anti-torque pedals for helicopters with resistance in the trimmed position... (!)
  4. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!APhSkJhHNXS4pRM&id=AAE14DA560024F57!112&cid=AAE14DA560024F57 and follow the forum thread:
  5. I really like the name "Rhino FFB"!
  6. Yeah, experienced it yesterday. The flickering is quite uncomfortable.
  7. If the BRU would be working like a real collimator tube, we wouldn't be able to achieve to see the centered concentric circles from different positions. There would be only one spot to do boresighting from.
  8. I also have issues. After 4 months 4 of the motors aren't working anymore. :(
  9. Yep, i bet irl the BRU unit works like a collimator sight with 3 separate depth layers (for dot, circle 1 and circle 2) and correctly shows the true three dimensional aircraft axis in relation to your current IHADSS position + rotation.
  10. Just for fun, that's my theory...
  11. Maybe you should give lessons as the BRU whisperer
  12. I think it's the opposite. DCS just doesn't do the full calculation for the BRU sensor atm. They took a shortcut by assuming every head position is in the same spot, especially when it comes to height. That's why monitor users have no issue in 2D.
  13. ED is working on it already. There are enough other threads about troubles that are connected to boresighting, even for TrackIR users.
  14. No, i just want it aligned when i look straight forward centered at horizon level on ground.
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