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  1. Thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=187823 Postings #14 and #24
  2. That is not correct. It was shown that one can see performance improvement if the mission is not run on a single host but as client-server. Somebody close to ED told that they are looking into it - trying to run the mission as client-server, but on one host.
  3. Looking at your log2.txt i see this: If i read the timestamps correctly, there is a gap of approx. 7 minutes. Members with more experience than me can probably tell what "KNEEBOARD/002-missionbriefing-002.lua" should be or where to find it?!
  4. Maybe the power limit is too high or the fan limit too low?
  5. After entering "ipconfig /flushdns" and clicking the "refresh" icon on the multiplayer screen in DCS the server list showed up.
  6. If Wolle is correct with his client/host approach, then why not run as client on 2 cores and host on the next 2 cores, with client and host on one machine? Not long ago it was possible to run the offline and online program at the same time, using this "trick" to have the mission editor open in one instance and test the mission in the other, saving time. Going multi-core would require a re-design of the current simulation core and after that it would of cause scale better and be of better performance. Even without a complete re-design it would benefit, proove is the client/host approach. I can fully understand that the developers don't want to do that now, knowing the work it would require. The "mistake" was done long ago, going from Flanker to Lomac without re-design of the core engine.
  7. Dedicated Server war für 2016 angekündigt. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2659915&postcount=13
  8. There is a GeForce 375.95 HOTFIX driver, fixing the problem(s):
  9. There is a "Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark" profile installed with every driver, pointing to a "dcs.exe" file. What is your in-game antialiasing setting? Edit: just saw it's 16xQ. Don't do that, set it to 4x. Modes explained: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/anti-aliasing-nvidia-geforce-amd-radeon,2868-4.html
  10. What version of Nvidia driver is installed? Can you post screenshots from the nvidia control panel for the global and DCS: Black Shark profile?
  11. Guru3D: http://www.guru3d.com/files-categories/videocards-overclocking-tweaking.html second file: NVIDIA Profile Inspector Download Version On the download page, i recommend the second link labeled "(Author)", because it contains the newer version 2.12.
  12. Enabled in sim or control panel? Nvidia profile inspector shows more settings: Sync Smooth AFR behavior (on/off): "Smooth Vsync is a new technology that can reduce stutter when Vsync is enabled and SLI is active." Sync Tear Control (standard/adaptive): http://www.geforce.com/hardware/technology/adaptive-vsync/technology
  13. If others with identical systems run at higher fps it must be your settings?! I suggest to agree on one mission (like SU-25T free flight) flown to compare fps and it is surprising that nobody using Nvidia cards ever mentioned the pre-defined profile that is coming with their drivers. It is named "Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark", but the executable is "dcs.exe", so i guess that profile is active?! Is "GeForce Experience" installed? I never installed it, because i distrust "automatically optimised pc settings for games". I use Nvidia Profile Inspector, delete pre-defined profiles and start from there. CPU (4770) usage 40% - yes, but that is leveled over 4 cores, one core 70 one 40 and the other about 25. GPU (980ti) usage 40-70%, resolution 2560x1440, 144Hz Gsync monitor, fps 70-144.
  14. Just run "dxdiag" and look at the output for your display. Shows the DirectX version.
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