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  1. Is there a way to set the AI aircraft and AAA different levels of behavior ? For example; in a mission i have 2 different countries, 2 different sides, lets say country A and country B, both are opponents and enemies and both has their own bases , AAA defenses and various patrolling aircrafts. Now, for example i have 2 aircrafts from country A, on a patrol mission, flying peacefully in their respective territory without bothering anyone. It seems that by default, any flying aircrafts from country B would systematically behave aggressive, engage and seek to destroy their opponent's, same for the AAA. That even if aircrafts from country A would not show any hostile intentions. So i was trying to figure out my question and see if there is a way to set a type of behavior such as "Never open fire, before being engaged" etc any clues?
  2. thanks for that link about the bios settings, i have got finally *answers* about various bios options that i had never any ideas of what they really do, anyways tweaking the bios requires some real engineering studying etc... i have just tried to modify the video card latency by using that tool, originally it was on 248 , so i have set it to 64; after a reboot , when i have launched the game , i have experienced a very curious 'total blackout' screen phenomen as i have never seen before; i have started flying a CAS mission with the A10 and during the flight at different external view modes {F2 , F3 .. ] ; the monitor just turned in total BLACK... within the next minutes it was only possible to view anything on the screen by returning in the cockpit mode (F1) then, a few seconds later the game crashed and went to desktop. so this latency changer didnt really fix anything here ;o) im still continuing tweaking
  3. uhh.. well, i have noticed SIGNIFICANT performance improvement when i have switched in the bios the agp aperture from 256 to 64mb and video spectrum to disabled. I went to diagdx and have there audio hw acceleration to 'standard' or normal. Im getting the most of FPS slowdown and allmost stutters when im flying over citites and especially the goddam' smoking cheminees, i think there are too too many of them , all the same .. i think its a real annoyance and sometimes it makes look the citiscape view generic an unrealistic. I wonder if somebody did any mods to extinct the cheminee smokes, i think that will help a lot.
  4. hmm interesting, i have forgotten to mention that i have set the AGP aperture to 256mb. Spectrum to enabled, will check the fast write option. thanks
  5. Hi Folks, firstable according to allmost everything i have read through various forums, i still dont understand why i dont have decent fps in my game. I have a p4 2.8, 2gb pc3200 ram ddr and a GeForce 6800 GT 256mb ddr in AGP. I have recently reinstalled a fresh version of Win XP Pro + SP2, DX9c and the latest (?) nvidia 77.77 drivers. My desktop resolution is 1280x1024 32bits and my graphic settings in LO CF 1.1 are set to medium, same resolution 1280x1024 32bit. Also, in nvidia drivers settings i have set the anti aliasing to OFF and anisthoscopic to OFF, also i have set the next parameter to 'Maximum performance'. I remember there was memory pre-load problems in Lomac 1.02, this could be corrected by setting the game on pause, and switching between windows tasks with ALT+TAB key, after this manipulation the performance difference was like night and day. This is no longer possible in LO 1.1. I have the most serious annoyances while playing any mission with SU25T, especially when i activate the shkval system, my average fps is between 15 and 23.. this isnt really sufficient to have a decent graphic fluidity ... so what is the TRICK? is there anything specific to set in the nvidia drivers? something else in Lockon graphic interface?? will LoMan help? please post your configuration settings if you have geforce 6800 GT thanks in advance.
  6. Unfortunately, in terms of ressources cost, that will be probably VERY expensive...
  7. memory allocation problems ... ? ;-) how about the old method: Pause the gema (S) exit to desktop using ALT+TAB and then come back in the game and press the S key ;-D
  8. and maybe we could expect that to appear as well in ... v2.9b ?
  9. that is really interesting! let's wait for that. also another thing, how about some civil air-traffic ?
  10. I was wondering if having control of certain air defense mobile and stationnary ground units such as mobile SAM launchers, shikla's, dog ear radar and eventually EWR stations is ever planned in the future? I think it would be something completely new in a combat flightsim, like for example in a LAN game having non flyable teams controling a set of S300 launchers or someone else driving a and firing shilkas? I wouldnt want to have this thread leading in some absurd suggestion of ground infantry 'FPS'-like integration end, but remaining in the modern combat field i think of such a possibility.
  11. a u menia tozhe.. dazhe eshe huzhe bivaet :( Geforce 4200ti 64mb, amd 1667mhz, 1gb ram ddr, winxp SP1, dx9b, drava 52.16 (postavil tolko vchera, dumal shto izmenit noch v den.. i nehrena!) na oborot dazhe obnoruzhil strannoe povedenia textures kogda vistovlenni na HIGH, nekotorie poverhnosti zemli prevrashautsa v raznotsvetniye oboi.. :lol: (malo ram??? ) opredelil KONKRETNIY bug: esli vse vistavit na LOW, i vkluchit heat blurr tolko na ON to pre zagruske mission PC viletaet i proishodit perezagruzhaetsa avtomaticheski.. neskolko raz poproboval, uveren na 100%.. bolshe netrogau heat blurr :twisted: dumal shto 52.16 drava pofixat, k sozheleniu net OCHEN strannie veshi tvoryatsa osobenno v cockpit su-25: nachenaetsa vse na 25-30fps, potom kak tolko proishodiat sobitia (vzrivi, AI ktoto v kogoto strelaet i t.d.) polet prevrashaetsa v slide-show na 1-2 FPS :cry: no prichem, kogda vihodish iz cockpit na (F2) vse srazu stonovetsa "normalno" 20-25fps. Znachet vivod shto chegoto "neto" v samom cockpit su-25.. naverno prebori pozhiraut ves FPS (esli oni napisali structuru preborov vdohnovlayas s routines FS2000, to eta prosto katastrofa) ..potomushto probuval etu zhe samuiu mission na su-33, 27, mig 29.. takogo ne proishodit reshil derzhatsa podalshe ot EFFECTS, vrode ludche (inogda) no, yedinstvennoe shto poka spasaet i pomogaet imet 30-40fps, eto d3d antialiasing na x2 v settings geforce.... poka, "priyatniy" polet mozhno imet odnomu v Aerobatics mode..
  12. eto gorachiy bled/dim/par iz reaktorov...
  13. a u menia vse pashet kruto* :D vchera ya prosto pol chasa lubovalsia nizkim poletam 2 mig-29 s noruzhnim obozreniem (F2).. .. ofigenno, prosto kak v dokumentalnom filme po teleku :shock: posle MNOGIH testov, ya prishel k vivodu shto nado derzhatsa podalshe ot vseh ("EFFECTS" ->NONE) koroche shtobi imet 40-50fps vot shto ya zdelal: vse snachalo postavit na LOW, res 1024x768 32bit textures: HIGH scene: medium (tak kak u menia vsego lish AMD 2000+ na 1667mhz) olstolnoe vse na minimalnie.. (nikakih effects, svetov, ni tumana...) imeya Geforce Ti4200 64mb ram, v windows D3D settings: Antialiasing na x2 (ne vkoem sluchaye ne na "application") etot parameter izmeniaet po kachestvu 'noch v den' v Lockon ;) i esche ya dobavil 512mb ram dlia PCI mode textures.. neznau esli ono shtoto pomogaet. u menia mashina: AMD 2000+ (1667mhz) 1gb RAM DDR GeForce 4200ti 64mb windows XP sp1 + dx9a shtobi po imet krasivi BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH, dostatochno vsegolish postavit Heat Blurr na "ON" i zapustit luboi mission.. proveril, tochno i zasek eto on! razrabotchiki, pochenite i optimiziruite effects togda budet vse klassno.. :D
  14. хмм... ребята с Игл Динамикс тут не пречем... а вот Уби ..это дааа!,.. вот кого на куски порезать надо!! тем более идет реч что дэма сама готова!.. это вот что они сами и ляпнули, с*ки .... :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  15. прошу всеx проголосовать вот тут http://www.petitiononline.com/lomac/petition.html может есть надежда..... :cry:
  16. http://www.lo-mac.com August 29, 2003: Lock On : Modern Air Combat Demo Delayed The interactive demo for Lock On has been completed and will be made available online in October of 2003. The demo will allow players to try their hand at flying the A-10A "Warthog" and the MiG-29A "Fulcrum." In addition to being available on the official Lock On website and several mirrors, it will also be available in December issues of several popular magazines like Computer Gaming Magazine, Computer Gaming World, and PC Gamer. While we very first considered releasing the Lock On demo earlier, given the postponement of the game's release, it has been decided it would be best to release the demo in October to ensure a better support to the project :evil: после всего, это помоему не в какие рамы не в xодит.. раЗдаЮ всем помедоры!! швыряем по "ним" все в месьтe!!!
  17. может я плоxо понял, но прочтитe это: http://forums.ubi.com/messages/message_view-topic.asp?name=lomac_gd&id=zybul
  18. Prosba u chaslivih beta-testerov vilozhit bolshe skrinikov, pozhalusta. spassibo. :o
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