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  1. Jus saw the new helmet model for the KA50 with nightvision goggles, will this be implemented in BS3?
  2. I think it will be released after the Apache, we have seen many screenshots that the BS3 is in final stage but the President S system is dropped because of Russian law restrictions
  3. Vulcan implementation, BS3 and Mig29 at least one reasonable modern redforce jet
  4. Mmm, President system on that picture?? aft of the wheel strut.
  5. I think ED has all the information needed to do a full Su27 module but restricted to Russian law to do so.
  6. There goes my hope fo a full DCS Mig29 or Su27:( Yet another American module.
  7. I know i fly it already but i thought the time between the release of the cockpit and the new BS3 would be a follow up.
  8. BS3 I thought with the new KA50 cockpit BS3 would follow soon but now i see that it's in "Projects that are in the passive development phase" Would that mean not this year? My expectations on new Eastern modules is rather low but at least give the BS3 some priority.
  9. Waving you goodbye i think:)
  10. Your CM1 doesn't have that issue?
  11. i own a CM1 plus grip and the T50 throttle which had a usb problem, but it was solved by Virpil in the end. contact was via Cyphr, but i don't know if he is still around at Virpil. Anyway, i love my setup, so some positive about Virpi;:)
  12. Maybe there will be a reduced pricing if you only want the Kuz?
  13. it is capable of carrying them, but only on static Su33 at airshows;)
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