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  1. Then I guess I have to use the cursor as a work around. Thanks a lot.
  2. It seems that right now in the sim the only way to turn off the NOE/APPR mode is deselecting the related MPD option on the A/C UTIL page.But that's quite inconvenient. I tried the "Stabilator Control Switch - Depress" command but it didn't work out. Is there anyway to quickly deselect the NOE/APPR mode on the Apache? Any help? Thanks
  3. Hi In the game manual,regarding post start procedures,there is an item called "SEC CALC & SEC CARB emergency modes tests" But how to properly perform this test? I watched some videos about IRL start of Mirage 2000-D/2000-5 on YouTube trying to figure out what this test is,but didn't get too much,though other tests could be clearly seen in those videos. Especially after this awesome engine update,I become more curious about this. I guess I can't be the only guy who prefer flying by the book,right? Any help?thanks in advance.
  4. IIRC,they won't be removed automatically. I think they are preplanned and are copied to the aircraft system via DTC at mission start.
  5. It's in today's patch. I just jumped in the Mirage after the update today and this note regarding the engine popped up.
  6. wow ,can't find a word to express my like and appreciation So many things have been added to the Mirage this year.The details on it are already blowing my mind。 And thanks for the “MISSION ACCOMPLIE” livery,it's because of your hard work that we can still get this beautiful plane flying in our sim after its retirement. Good job and keep going.
  7. I think things related to single engine operation are still WIP....
  8. Akiazusa

    ATT Mode

    I think it works pretty much the same as one in the fixed wing aircraft. In pitch: climb or dive In roll: roll right or roll left The Attitude Mode will try maintaining you current attitude in both pitch and roll with in it's limit.
  9. Hi,it's just a small detail which related to Internal Fuel Quantity display. Issue: Right now the color of Internal Fuel Quantity on the A/C-FUEL PAGE(at the lower left corner) seems to be based on the quantity of internal fuel ,if the quantity is below 500lbs,then its color will turn to yellow. Expect: I think it should based on the state of either FWD or AFT fuel cell instead,if any of these 2 tanks sensed a low fuel state,then the Internal Fuel Quantity on the Fuel Page will be displayed in yellow. Evidence:TM -251-10-----------2.60.6 Status Windows----------c. Internal (INT) Fuel Quantity Status Window Here is the track:The color of Internal Fuel Quantity on the AC FUEL PAGE won't turn yellow when there is a low fuel condition in either FWD or AFT fuel cell.trk Hope the team could take a look at this when time permits. Many thanks
  10. Thanks for the help,learned something new today
  11. This may not related to the topic,but a small question here. Which direction will the Apache tend to roll in a low G situation? Just curious.
  12. Personally,I think it was the low G maneuver killed you,(edit,this was wrong) , I think it was not the SCAS killed u. You can give another try,but this time turn off the SCAS first ,then fly fast,keep collective down and push control stick all the way forward and see if the same roll happens Anyway fly that fast and aggressively is not good for heli
  13. Hi,it's just another small detail. Issue: The Engine limits Count-Down Timers on ENG and FLT page are not reset in order as power is reduced. Expect: After the engine reach a higher limit,the timer for lower limit will still be counting in the background. As power is reduced from the higher limit to a lower limit,the timers for higher limit should be reset and replaced by the timers for lower limit. Evidence:TM 251-10-----2.48.4 Count-Down Timers------NOTE Here is the track:The Engine limits Count-Down Timers on ENG and FLT page are not reset in order as power is reduced.trk For example ,in the track: (Athough it applies to all timers but there are too many timers showed up in the track,please focus on the TGT one,and start from the second time when the TGT tape enters the yellow zone ) First the engine TGT reached 810℃,a 30 mins timer (timer 1) started counting down, then the engine TGT reached 870℃,a 10 mins timer (timer 2) started counting down and replaced the timer 1. Then after the engine TGT was lowered to a value lower than 870 but higher than 810℃, the timer 2 was still displayed on the MPD and didn't be reset until TGT is lowered below 810℃. In this situation,the timer 1,which keeps counting in the background should pop up and replace the timer 2 (For FLT page the timer itself won't be showed but it will affect whether the TGT value is displayed on it.) Much appreciate. The Engine limits Count-Down Timers on ENG and FLT page are not reset in order as power is reduced.trk
  14. I used up every buttons on my HOTAS, WASD ,↑↓←→ ,,./; combo on the keyboard and 2 PS4 controllers, and finally got everything mapped. A lot buttons on the CPG Hand Grips are mouse clickable ,I think at least for the CPG station,you can still messing around by mouse clicking without binding anything to your HOTAS.
  15. Hi,it's just a small detail related to ENG page. Issue: MPD ENG page won't return from In-Flight Format to Ground Format if the engine starters switches are moved to START or IGN ORIDE (while ENG page is already in In-Flight Format. ie:during in-flight engine restart) Expect:It should switch from In-Flight Format to Ground Format any time the engine starter is engaged Evidence: DCS AH-64D Manual------Cockpit Overview----MPD-----Aircraft, Engine (ENG) Page (should be the first paragraph on page 95) and also TM 251-10-----2.48.1 ENG Page Ground Format---------b. Ground Format Indications Here is the track:MPD ENG page won't return from In-Flight Format to Ground Format if engine starter is engaged.trk Much appreciate.
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