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  1. looks like your first attempt was exactly like mine.. I will try to hit the ship with cluster tonight and will see if it works @pokeraccio I used 300 ft for VT to make the area of effect small and not hit the ship by mistake. It worked well as the last explosion which happened was just 10-20 meters away from the ship but the ship did not stop. If I was the captain, I would abandon the ship after such scene
  2. It does work (and also worked in Raven one D.F.) You just need to give it in the Zulu time and not local time
  3. Hi Guys, How did you managed to stop the smuglers in this mission? I ended up sinking the ship.. 1- I strafed in front of the ship, nothing happened 2- I left a cluster infront of the ship which was pretty close, nothing happened 3- I strafed the ship itself (100 bullets), nothing happened 4- I shot it with mawerick and ship stopped but sank After that, R01 and 02 left the texaco and came up where I was but no further radio comms happaned and I went way below the bingo to 3k.. What is the magic in this mission to made the ship stop without breaking the mission?
  4. it would be nice if there is a small kneeboard illustration for the 30/30 popup plan to make it easier to understand (like in the M01 for intercept). Briefing got me lost with the Target points. I see in the picture R21 is aiming C130 but in brief text it says northeast is the one for Filip, or do I miss a point here? Also the apex for popup was a bit confusing. It speaks about 1500 feet for nose down and 15 degree attack but at the end of the brief text it speaks about 3000ft..
  5. Hi BD, At the begining of the mission the comms coming from the ground and tower are not displayed as text on top left of the screen. They are somehow not registered also in the dialog section in the ESC menu
  6. Is this app still working? We just tried to upload a dcs.log file and no passes are shown on the board..
  7. 1130 was not for landing? I thought for taxi and takeoff 1200 is needed
  8. if you set them seperate then you will not see them in datalink with the letters as they will be seperate flights... Repeating the inbound call does not give new pushtimes for other airplanes but repeats the initial one for everybody. So it is not working
  9. that thing does not work as far as I see. Everytime when someone talks from my flight, SC is using my own flight number and on top, they cannot talk if I did the talk first. This was the case for a long time, is it fixed with the latest update of SC?
  10. my question is exactly for the above part. So just to get it clear 1- For Case3, how do you seperate the complete flight in respect to push times? I can imagine that the seperation for altitude and distance is clear (1k feet per 1 nm) but what about the time to leave the stack? 2- For Case 2, so if you have 4ship formation you split into 2 unlike to the case3 where everybody is splitted?
  11. Hi Guys, as the current tower in supercarrier not recognizing the complete flight but just the leader, how do you guys plan the holding point and pushtimes if you have, let's say 4 ship flight? What is the RL procedure for such flights in case 2 and 3 approaches? Also does a 4 ship flight break together in Case2 or they come one by one like in Case 3 and do single breaks into case1? Thanks in advance
  12. Then ED should fix the internal AI comms as they report "mudspike" and it is considered by many as the correct brevity due to that
  13. I am not sure if this is the correct forum location for this question but I hope that it is. Is there a brevity call "Mudspike"? I cannot find that neither in NATO "JOINT BREVITY WORDS PUBLICATION" nor in "MULTI-SERVICE TACTICS, TECHNIQUES, AND PROCEDURES FOR MULTI-SERVICE BREVITY CODES" documents. There is Mud and there is spiked but not a combination of them. So is DCS AI using its own creation or there is really such brevity code but not well documented? Thanks in advance
  14. After the latest SC update is link16 removed and we have only link4 now in F18? So no more MIDS coms?
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