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  1. I'm not sure if it's modeled accurately to where this is necessary, but the manual (page 39) says to use the left fuel tank first: Not sure if it's modeled, though, and I think Tiger-4-2 said all the rest pretty well.
  2. Right, I was more meaning with doing local testing to find the necessary fixes and then having them pushed downstream by ED. That process would absolutely need to be blessed/sanctioned by them, if they're interested in accepting proposed fixes. If they've agreed that Ranger's stuff is just entirely hands-off and as-is, we're boned.
  3. Good news! Looks like today's patch notes include a fix for this. I'll be testing when I get home, for sure.
  4. I don't know if we'll be privy to the exact reasons for this having been discontinued unless Ranger79 and/or ED can/will share them. I can at least speculate that it wasn't a complete surprise, as they managed to set a 1/1/20 date for it. Beyond that, I don't know that it's our business. The exact reasons for the missions not working are, hopefully, very temporary. It's not a function unique to the mission itself and anything that utilizes it will have been broken by the 2.5.6 update. I know I sure spent enough time in the mission editor trying to get around it before realizing it was a widespread problem :music_whistling: If there's future upkeep needed... I don't know how that will work. That probably goes back to whatever agreement was made between Ranger79 and ED. If someone from the community finds an issue and submits a fix, is ED willing to implement it? Is Ranger79 okay with that? We have a good community here, but I wonder if our hands are tied.
  5. Many of the missions were broken with 2.5.6, since the 'hold' function isn't ever expiring once triggered. Just have to wait for devs to fix, it isn't unique to the campaign (and I don't think Ranger79 is providing support any longer anyway). Related reading: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4223093&postcount=2
  6. Thank you for being so patient and thorough in your answer. It sounds like I'm losing them due to the time between scans, which I hadn't accounted for. I can probably rule out getting notched as they were hot at the time, but could be jamming at fault as well. As sk000tch explained in the link you shared, I've fallen into the bad habit of using TDC depress over L&S, yes. I'll spend more time with the manual and running through the training missions, though I could've sworn the built-in missions were what taught me to designate that way :wallbash: I'm miles away from perfect and only inching my way there, but at least I'm traveling in the right direction. Appreciate the nudge along the path!
  7. I'm very new to flying the Hornet, so it's likely user error, but is it normal for me to lock up a target and then to continuously lose that lock? The first thing I checked was that I wasn't accidentally bumping my undesignate button or have it bound to something else inadvertently. I'm glad I popped into this thread at any rate, as I'm learning a lot here that the included training missions and Chuck's guide didn't expand on. Thanks for sharing such great information.
  8. It seems that the 2.5.6 update broke the 'hold' function. There are discussions about it in the Mission Editor support section: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=263419 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=263768 I was on mission 4 and stuck waiting for ground troops to advance, just never happening.
  9. If that's the case, I'm glad to have bought it when I did. Recognizing that the DCS engine is always improving and evolving, I try to give a large amount of leeway to missions/campaigns composed by third parties. There's a challenge for sure, where the ground is constantly shifting under your feet as you're producing the module, let alone months or years after it's released. That said, there have been only a few glitches, but nothing glaring, and they're FAR outshone by the level of care and detail that went into this. The immersion factor is very high and I'm loving it so far :) Thank you so much for your work on this Ranger!
  10. I've managed to pick off the advancing platoon with some strafing runs, but the rescue helicopter explodes even with zero enemies active on the map. Multiple attempts, always a failure. Will torture myself again to obtain a track file if it's really necessary, but I think the terrain issue here is pretty obviously the problem.
  11. No, this sound was present prior to the new cockpit. Here's a 2013 post complaining about it, too. As with most high pitches, it probably bothers some people more than others. Some may not even hear it. Sorry that I'm not parsing what you're saying clearly enough... Are you saying that the sound is accurately modeled/simulated? Given the choice between accurate simulation and annoyance, I'll personally put up with the annoyance in order to get a taste of the real thing, though I wouldn't blame anyone who wants to silence this particular tone as a little 'quality of life' improvement. If the sound is erroneous, though, it would be nice to get it cleaned up and truer to the real deal, especially if that makes it friendlier to the ear.
  12. I think this is what you're talking about: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4164712 If so, modifying that .wav file worked perfectly. 1. Find the file on your system. (My full path, with Windows 10 and the open beta installed, was: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Sounds\Effects\Aircrafts\Cockpits\Avionics_AC_400Hz_US.wav) 2. Open the file in an audio editor or use a browser-based tool like this one: https://twistedwave.com/online 3. In place of the sound inside the file, insert silence for the duration. 4. Save it back in the original location with the original name.
  13. Thank you for this. I'm new to the A-10 (and DCS as a whole!) and getting rid of this sound has made it much more enjoyable to play. Well done on tracking down the culprit and sharing it!
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