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  1. Riddle solved: I never considered that the LS-6 also has an alignment time. By rushing to the targets to keep the track-file as short as possible the alignment was not finished, resulting in the deviation. The target area is close to the airfield, so this obviously happened also before. Did a short test to confirm: rushed to the targets, dropped to LS-6s while still aligning. Both missed. Waited for the alignment of the remaining two bombs before dropping them => both were accurate. What remains is the not considered drift of the GB-6 submunition due to the wind but that's the same issue as for the Viggen BK90.
  2. The LS-6 deviations are a strange one: The MP server I'm playing on cycles between 3 missions. 3 days ago pre-planned LS-6 were not hitting targets. In the same mission 1 day later all pre-planned LS-6s were accurate. When the LS-6s are not hitting, the deviation is random, i.e. not drift due to the wind. When watching them I sometimes saw the the last second before impact they suddenly bank and turn away from the target but that's not always the case when they are missing. Investigation to be continued but will be paused for 3 weeks... Oh, and something else you likely already got reported because it's a very old behaviour: When the first bomb is released in pre-planned mode the target in all previously set up programs A/S1..6 are reset to PP1 (channel 36). Don't know if this is "normal" but for a real pilot in combat this would be pretty inconvenient.
  3. When a player is joining the server there is lag for 1..2 seconds. Never had such an obvious impact from players joining the server. But I can't tell exactly which patch introduced the behaviour but it was (28. April) or later.
  4. To be more specific: Effective range when launched at 30000 feet: ca. 20 nm Missiles launched at 30000 feet at a distance of 25.4 nm (47 km) didn't reach the target. When launched from this range they act more like TIALDS just soaking the missiles out of SAMs since they are also very slow then. But the ones not reaching the target were not shot down, just to avoid misunderstandings. Btw. launched from 30000 feet the range of the GB-6 is higher than that of the LD-10... One reason for the lower range is that the missiles don't loft anymore. I think before the change they behaved like an AGM-88.
  5. The GB-6 deviation on multiplayer looks like it's caused by the wind.
  6. No there are no drift settings like for the Mirage. Tried AGM-154s in pre-planned mode and they are accurate, just for comparison.
  7. No drift but I have to check that and flight to target was short. The behaviour looks similar to that of the BK90 of the Viggen. Have the glide bombs been changed in recent patches ? Is drift switched on/off in the options ?
  8. No, MP track is 27 MB, even if I keep the mission short. Maybe on a different server where the plane is spawned hot but even then it may be too much.
  9. Yes, I have to "take the helmet off", too. Had to lower the cockpit sound volume to have approx. the same volume as with the helmet but I hear my plane being hit now.
  10. In multiplayer the LS-6 and also GB-6 are inaccurate in pre-planned mode (PP1...4 on F10 map) rendering the LS-6 useless in this mode. In single player the weapons are accurate in pre-planned mode. In TOO mode (target via TGP) the weapons are accurate in both single and multiplayer. HNS: INS+GPS INS calibration: GC (long, high accuracy) The issue was introduced in one of the recent patches.
  11. I remember it working well in March/April. Used pre-planned mode with azimuth setting and it was ok. Some recent patch broke it, currently the LS-6 doesn't hit targets in pre-planned mode. Didn't find anything in the update notes...
  12. Will try that since the bug is back again. @Flappie Is the autoexec.cfg still valid for the current version ? (
  13. Something like that ? Just found it on YT...
  14. Hint for the younger ones: Try to watch the first Top Gun before, if you didn't see it yet. It's not mandatory but of course there are references. For a DCS player it was nice to see all the buttons, displays and levers in the cockpits. I won't tell more because you'll watch the movie anyways And yes, it's made for entertainment, not a documentary nor to train real fighter pilots. It's more of a fun part for a DCS player to seperate the real stuff from the fiction.
  15. But you know that the last 5% may take a lot of time depending on how much existing and tested code can be used. It's like the progress bar of older Windows installations going up to 96% then stopping for approx. the same time it used to get there, before continuing with the last 4%
  16. 1. I always do a forum search before posting such bugs, couldn't find any entry which would fit to this. 2. Playing multiplayer the resulting track file is too large. 3. Track files are highly unreliable, especially multiplayer. Usually when I replay them something totally different happens like displaced planes crashing already at take-off. 4. Big thanks to Flappie for his testing effort. This is indeed hard to reproduce. For sure I've been longer than 15 s in mission (if you meant that with "wait 15s or longer") when this occured but maybe, as RafaPolit mentioned, sounds are even more delayed in MP ?
  17. And the WW2 planes you mentioned were all planes with the bug ? Then it's maybe still a different bug in my case...
  18. Had it in a FW-190A, too. But also Ka-50 and other planes.
  19. Yes, all that. Any weapon. Seems to be random, not weapon specific.
  20. DCS Open beta and some patches before Often there's no audible feedback when being hit. Affected units: various (likely all) Occurence: 5% ? In addition the game sometimes stutters when there's some info from the ATC or AWACS. I'm playing mostly multiplayer.
  21. I had two occurences now (in multiplayer) that locked a target in dogfight mode and the range was displayed as 2.9 miles. In fact, the targets were so far away that they could turn in front of me moving only a few degrees sideways on the HUD, i.e. they were still almost 10 miles away. Is this possible/normal ? 2nd occurence I had guns selected and the target was cold.
  22. When climbing, i.e. speed is lower than 190..200 mph the engine RPM goes down frequently by around 50 RPM for a short moment. This causes considerable torque and the plane is yawing/rolling due to that. Tried with a locked primer and this behaviour was gone.
  23. Is the in-game voice chat supposed to be working ? There are keybinds for push to talk (green and red radio) but it seems that the radios of the Mirage is not connected yet. Listening in a "room" may work, though.
  24. Wow, it's something totally different ! In TacView the 190 disappeared the moment the bomb was released ! => Some kind of desync. Just been on a MP server but didn't lose connection. In game, I've still been sittng in the plane but obviously unable to do anything. Now I know why ! Anyways, never heard controls in the 190 becoming inefficient / not working anymore in a dive. In a 109 that might happen at a certain trim setting and the P-38 elevators didn't get enough airflow at higher speeds but the 190... more like disintegrating.
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