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  1. In this campaign can changes be made in the Mission editor to the players preference or are you stuck with the game the way it is and cannot make changes. I bought a previous campaign and when I realized I cannot make changes I did not buy any further campaigns. For me waste of money since I never play that campaign. I am just wondering if that has been changed. Thank you.
  2. Hi. Thank you for your reply. I am using the dobber to select Auto from manual. No I am not hitting the the zero key on the UFC. Am I supposed to? It doesn't mention anything about the zero key in any of the videos.
  3. Hi I seem to have a problem with my F-16. I press number 4 on the UPC to get to steer point cycle the dobber to manual press sequence to move from manual to auto and nothing happens. I can't seem to move the steer point selection from manual to auto. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  4. Hi. Can someone provide me with some assistance for the 7th mission in this campaign. In the 7th mission I flew to waypoint 6 where I waited for my CAS assignment. Received co-ordinates inputted the co-ordinates flew to that waypoint nothing there. According to the F-10 radio transmitions there was supposed to be green smoke. Flew all over could not see any green smoke. Am I missing something here? Thanks. Yeah I have the same problem with the shutters. I thought it was my settings or my VR.
  5. You know what now that I think about it I wonder if that is the problem. I can't remember if the hud is SOI So many things to remember you miss the most obvious but next time I try it I will make sure it is SOI. Thank you for your help
  6. I don't think it does because I have pushed TMS forward short more than once and still nothing happens. Even in the videos Grim Reaper's he says to push TMS forward short to go into small scan where the circle goes around the center dot and China hat forward short for a large scan, But neither one seem to work for me like they do in the video. When I push china hat short forward the circle just goes back and forth but does not lock onto anything,
  7. Hi. I am having trouble uncaging the side winder cueing reticle in air to air mode. . I go into air to air mode press TMS short and nothing happens. The cueing reticle stays caged. Is there something else that i am supposed to do that I am not doing. I watched all the videos and and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Thanks.
  8. Does Anyone know if there are any issues with DCS and Windows 11?
  9. ok thanks very much Appreciate Ok thank you. Appreciate it.
  10. Hi. I just got the A10C and I just noticed That I can't map the throttle engine start to my Thrustmaster. I use VR and RALt Home and RCntl Home is a bit awkward. All the other aircraft allow me to map the throttle uncage to my hotas throttles. Thank you
  11. Thank you for your reply. I have already played Serpents Head. The simplified A2A refueling is interesting since I am having a lot of trouble with that. Thanks again. Cheers.
  12. Can anyone tell me if all missions are cold start? I will not play any missions that are not cold start. Also can options be changed in the mission editor? I like to set up the options in the mission editor to my comfort level. For instance I like the immortal option also I like symbols so I can easily detect enemy aircraft etc. I am still learning and getting shot down and having to start over again especially in the long missions is quite irritating. Thank you
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