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  1. Hello. Thanks for using my app. The device server program does not affect any in-game functionality. It only edit lua files for you for the MFCD export setting and display resolution. Try to turn off and turn on the MFCD power/day/night knob and it may work again. And make sure always run Device Server program before you start the DCS simulation. Hope this helps your issue.
  2. Currently I'm working on portrait mode of the separation for AMPCD and UFC. I'm sorry but there's too much work for the server side. Anyway, I will consider your request.
  3. Please, check out below detailed explanation for the dcs device server. It will answer most of your questions (and for the dark MFCDs). Feel free to contact me via ihopi73@gmail.com for more information. ihopi
  4. I'm sorry that, Windows 7 no longer works with DCS Device Server anymore. Because win7 do not support screen capture feature that used by the dcs device server. I will try to find a way though, sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. These rendered images were created for a product called 'DCS Device'. All instrument panels are made with reference to in-game or real airplanes. This Ka-50 app for the DCS Device is not released yet. If you interested, check below link for more information. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=281895
  6. Yes, you can setup your monitor whatever you want with this server program. For example, you can use full primary and partial secondary monitor for your main game display and use rest of the monitor for your MFCD or other devices. Agrrregat, thanks for your reply and yes, you can use left monitor as separate monitor for your document or map by using this server program. Unfortunately, default DCS cannot set-up like that.
  7. I've updated the device server. After update, attach the log file and device server's screenshot please.
  8. Did you use 'Advanced Setup' for your monitor earlier? If that, remove any item in the advanced setup and use only basic setup please.
  9. You should follow 4. CONFIGURE EXPORT SETTINGS – BASIC TWO MONITOR SETUP instead 4.2. In short, widen your screen resolution a little bit (for the export setup) and check both Use MFCD 1 and 2. Do not uncheck it. Then everything will be fine.
  10. I've updated the device server In this version, the server generate debug log file into the exe file folder and it deleted when program exited. So if app crashed, the log file will remain in this folder and then you can see the log file. Send the log file to me and I will check the error log and report it back to you or fix the bug. I think reading the lua file routine has the problem but I must verify it first.
  11. Currently, I don't have Win7 so it will take a little time to find the solution. Anyway, I will check the error number and try to find the problem ASAP.
  12. I made some apps for the DCS. (Android & iOS) Currently works with A-10C / F/A-18C / F-16C After I released these apps, many people uses this server program as for export MFCDs and other instruments of each plane. So, I decide to upload this server program as utility. Server program feature. - Do not need to input ip address for mobile connection. - Do not need to edit any lua file for export. (some devices need to be edited for export ready) - You can position your exported MFCDs with drag & drop - You can set the resolution for exported screen. (It means, you can use 1/3 screen of your extra monitor for your exported window) - You can export instruments that you want without any editing lua file - For mobile apps, you can use it with only one monitor. (It will not overlap game window) etc. Recently, one of dcs member called 'Chaos-Out' made superb manual and tutorial video of dcs device server. You can download dcs device server program and manual from below https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311482/ You can see the tutorial video (also made by 'Chaos-Out') from link below If you have any question, leave comments below and contact me via ihopi73@gmail.com
  13. Server host and 2 or 3 more people could get FM signal (TONE & HOME mode) But after that, any person that entered lately couldn't get FM signal. Is this a known bug?
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