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  1. I have just reflown the mission. If I go to the manual radio and enter the correct freq of Strike the mission continues as planned! So this could be a workaround until the patch is coming. I had similar issue in the Hornet where you were instructed to select a channel but it was not detected by DCS. The workaround was to select the channel and then press enter on the UFC. In case of the Harrier this does not work.
  2. Interestingly once it worked for me as well.
  3. The last message I receive is "Nightmares, go Strike on Pri". I turn the channel knob (it is binded on my panel) to Ch1 so I am not manually entering it. Than nothing happens. Please check the video: (1:35 is the last message) https://youtu.be/NHfH-Epft_w
  4. I did as well. The discussions with the wingmans can be heard after the tower collapse.
  5. Hey Baltic! Sorry to bring this up again. I have the same issue. After the TV Tower explosion the mission is not progressing. I maintain the 330 heading and I'm on channel 1 on PRI. I did several back and forth between the ship and the airport but nothing happens. In one occasion it suddenly brought up the message so I could continue but at the end I was way too low on fuel could not finish the mission. Usually nothing happens. I tried to check the triggers and as far as I'm concerned after the TV tower only time elapse is built in so have no idea why it is not triggered but to be honest I am noob for the mission editing and there are so many triggers I was lost. Thanks for the support! Love the campaign and would love to continue. An instant get if it is released.
  6. Oh Crap! You are right there is. Water Mode Up / Down which does exactly the same thing as I wanted! Nice. A common fuel dump switch would be still awesome though!
  7. It means I would have to hold the button down or up otherwise it will trigger an H2O water off trigger. Do not forget that it is a momentary toggle switch. It returns immediately into the middle. Or do I miss something?
  8. But that will cause that the button will jump to H2O off position right away, isn't it?
  9. Hi There! First, I love this module. I was reluctant to buy it because I had already so much module but limited time to fly, and limited brain capacity to learn all of that anyway but I did so and I am glad I did. Fantastic aricraft. Tried to find such a topic, but could not find any. It would be nice to have the possibility for the H2O switch to bind like the FLAPS Mode Up/Down, like : H2O Mode up (LDG - OFF - T/O) H2O Mode down (T/O - OFF - LDG). I'm using a VIRPIL control panel and I use a "Momentary Toggle Switches (ON-OFF-ON)" for flaps and water. For flaps it works like a charm, but for Water I can bind the T/O and LDG position, the OFF mode I need click with the mouse (I know, first world problems....) Other request is to have a "Fuel Dump" binding which switches on both L and R side simultanously: Fuel Dump L+R ON Fuel Dump L+R OFF Thank you so much!
  10. If you come from cold start than there is no offset. And the 30 degree offset is also present after you leave the ship, all the time. I think it is more likely a DCS bug.
  11. I'm struggling a littlebit with Mission 3. First, when the tomcat is started from the catapult directly, the heading is off by 30 degrees. The message says we should vector to 060, but then it says direct to WPT1, which is actually at 030 hdg (with the disaligned hdg) this is a littlebit confusing. Somehow the messages overlaps each other. When the helis reporting emergency the message that one of them is shot down and the mig29 pops up. Actually we are still far away from the helis, so when the pilot says it is shot down actaully we cannot see that. We are supposed to "dance" with the MiG29 but is relatively difficult because you cant see shit I do not know whether the thick and very low cloud layer is intentional but the visibility is almost zero...
  12. Search for the Hind with PAL. It is loitering around the Tunguska. Wait until the hornet is taking out the Tunguska. Be careful when you lock the Hind, Jester will say it is a friendly. Look through the camera. It is flying on the deck. Sometimes the triggers are not working, you have to wait sometimes a lot for the Hornet to take out the Tunguska. Sometimes the Tunguska is shooting down the incoming maverick. I had to try the mission also several times. Sometimes I flew in as a decoy when the Hornet came. Stay 3-4 away, perpendicular to it and drop some flare. Eventually you can use labels to better see.
  13. tsgucci

    Missing aliases

    Thank you Guys! I swear I was searching on the forum but never thought the collapse what I am looking for.
  14. tsgucci

    Missing aliases

    Hi I am brand new for VAICOM so sorry for noob question. I'm trying to setup my profile for AIRIO. On the editor Tab I click on the Finish button and it says I should past it in VA. The problem is in VA for me the keyword collections are not a single line (like in the tutorials or documentation) but several lines (502 to be exact). The 'AI communication' line I cannot find therefore. In Vaicom it says 921 keyword. The tutorial also says I should merge the VAICOM PRO AIRIO.vap with DCS World.vap but actually those 6 lines are already there. What do I miss here? Thanks for help!
  15. The first time I flew over the AO low, seeing out the window the tanks moving forward and shooting gave me shivers. Do not tune it down! It looks awesome, never seen anything like that before.
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