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  1. Sorry mate, at that angle you are blocked by the carillion. Nice try though...
  2. Thanks for the update Wags, I am one of a number of dedicated customers who appreciate your update. Looking forward very much to the release whenever it happens. S!
  3. That is an impressive amount of effort for the community Teka, I am so happy to have all that info so easy to hand now. Thanks, you are legendary.
  4. Thanks to the JaBog32 group, hope we don't all hog your bandwidth... Weta, I am heading back to NZ (JAFA though) end of this year and was a bit surprised at how much broadband was. I am contemplating putting my grandma on Ebay to help cover the costs. Cheers!
  5. Very cool. LOL. Thanks for the early view ED, screenshots are great but a vid is always best. I am willing to make as many "idiot learning to fly a helo" videos as you want, all you have to do is supply me a beta version! You can count on me to buy a copy! I am seriously impressed, each time I watch it I see more details that really blow my mind. An airforce training programme would be proud of such a sim. Take your time on the release date please, because I need to save up for a new PC, TrackIR and pedals!! Cheers, Ejet
  6. 1.2 for sure! I am so keen to fly a chopper again that I reinstalled Janes Longbow Anthology (from 1997!!!), utterly BORKED my windows 98 dual boot system but finally got it repaired after a LOT of work. It was a good laugh but purely a stop gap measure till 1.2 is available!!
  7. and I am still only on the training! Congrats ED, looking forward to the next installment. Cheers, E-jet
  8. Dude, I have ADSL and my rate of dl wasn't much more than 56k! I set it going overnight and forgot to unchck the close when finished box, so I have no idea how long it took, but it was a long time. Maybe now the server won't be as stretched...... Buy a bigger internet card and use any remaninder for porn? You can't loose.
  9. Only 170 votes.....that is less response than I was hoping for. Matt, you could drive around and deliver them personally if thats all the people who are going to get the CD copies!! :D
  10. Hi all, Focusing on what Matt asked... 1) I am all for download, happy to use Paypal or Visa. Sorry to all you guys in unsupported countries, do what I did and move to the UK! Obviously not a serious suggestion, my sympathies for your hassles/grievances. 2) Will back up the download onto my own CD, where it will live in my original LOMAC case in my sim library. 3) As far as returning the product if anything is lacking/not working, COME ON GUYS!!! look how many people have voted. We are a small community. I am willing to spend $35 (+/-) to support ED, cos they are devoted and we should be too or it ai'nt going to fly long term. Heck we all probably spend more in a night out on the town, and whats better value? 4) Whats wrong with Steam? It seems to be a very good solution for protecting the publishers rights, and that is a critical point long term Best regards, E-jet No sig as they suck on 56K
  11. Спасибо за английский вариант форума, переводы babelfish нудны. Thanks for the english forum option, babelfish translations are tedious. I am looking forward very much to giving ED some well deserved financial support! Just hope 1.1 is out before the holidays (family, what family?)...... Cheers, E-jet
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