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  1. Ah okay gotcha thank you. I think I do remember disabling Steam house in steamvr maybe that’s what I did that I don’t remember. I’ll relay tha info. Thanks
  2. I did this awhile ago but can't remember how I disabled it from booting up when starting DCS. Can't remember if it was a setting within WMR. Any help as I trying to help someone do this. thx
  3. Well I don’t have both but I can tell that the TPR are fantastic and solid. I don’t always like flying with my feet on the pedals so that was the main thing a pick them over the MFG’s I have heard and seen that the MFG have to be bolted Support somehow that s also the case with the TPR pedals. The MFG looks alittle to wide also imo.
  4. I don’t think I’ll ever get why the mods… it looks awesome as is. To each it’s own …that I do understand. OpenXR I’m really thinking about though. Congratz and welcome to the VR club, your gonna love it.
  5. I thought the Virpil CM2 was a base and not a stick. I have the CM2 base with TM Warthog A10 stick center… love it ! dsregard I just looked it up I gues cm2 is a version of both.
  6. Okay I didn’t know this was a beta update. Heading there now to do some reading. I heard we will be able to hear the beep warnings through our vr/ G1 headset which is what I’m interested in. Thanks !
  7. Good enough for me thanks !
  8. Im thinking about adding the Virpil 2” extension to my CM2 base and was wondering will I have to recalibrate. I mean just adding the Virpil cable and ext. it wouldn’t seem to be a big problem but I’m kinda new to Virpil Gear. Thanks
  9. Any news on when wmr4steam is gonna fix the issue that made me go to another version I think I had to switch to LMK version I believe it was that or ilk. Im having no issues at the moment with that version but just wondering if anybody knows of any progress about this. Thanks
  10. Appreciate it but He found one on eBay and should be getting sometime this week. Thanks.
  11. Sit and brain adaptation time ... its all good from there.
  12. Great video, I had the same problem with the F18 grip and sent it back to an Amazon dealer. I may try again but from the Thrustmaster site. Those sticks are a hit miss when purchased and I know a few people that have sent them back to Amazon and I really don't think the dealers are fixing them but just putting them back up for sale. Great video !
  13. Yes PLUTON, if your still on warranty contact HP they will ship out one to you.
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