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  1. That all worked. The master reset was the problem and I was clearly overspreading with the flaps. Many thanks. Much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
  2. Hi, I hope someone can help. I load the Tomcat as "takeoff from runway" because I can't be arsed to go through the whole start up procedure although I do when I do full missions etc. When I do this the wings are always swept fully back and in emergency mode. Why is this? Also the right inner flap is always down creating terrible symmetric roll. I have no idea how to solve that. How do i get them in auto mode? It won't do it for some reason? Many thanks.
  3. Hi, I've been away from simulations for a number of months. Just getting back into flying the Hog. Can someone tell me how I can see the symbology of allied flights using the HMD. I know how to switch it on and use it to some degree. I have two Apaches taking off from a different airfield to mine and I want to be able to track them as I fly the mission. Is this possible?
  4. This is one of the coolest things I have seen in all the years of flight simulation. It's intuitive, it works and I love it. The lantirn pod on the Tomcat is superb.
  5. I don't use any mods and this happens with every module I have. It happens in 2d and VR. Once those 40 seconds are over the game runs butter smooth with very high FPS for me. I have attached the crash file and log file. My system is 3090x RTX 3080 not oc 32gb ram M.2 Drives I isolated it to Tacview. After deleting this it all works fine now. dcs.20210923-150110.crash dcs.log
  6. I managed to sort this out. The resolution within the system settings had gone back to an older setting after the update.
  7. After the most recent update all the mfds I had exported are no longer being exported. I haven't changed a thing and all the settings and monitor.lua files are as they were. Did something change in the update to do this? Can anyone help?
  8. Great stuff. I really like those sort of views. Make them seem authentic etc. If I was doing it I would make the interference effect (don't know what it's called) a bit more subtle but the effect needs to be there for sure.
  9. Bit late but yes. I’m an RAF brat and spent my youth watching Buccaneers take off and landing at various stations among other aircraft during the Cold War. 3 years at RAF Laarbruch being the absolute highlight. I love this aircraft. Looks odd but just oozing that superb Cold War era of aircraft.
  10. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! That works! Jonsky I can't thank you enough. This has been doing my head in for days and days. Thank you so much for taking the all that time to do that. Brilliant!!
  11. I tried both the bottom one didn't work and the suggestion to do the side option made more sense so I tried that. I have set the resolution in the in game options as 7680x1080 and rearranged the monitors in windows. I selected the 3 monitors mfd side. This is what it looks like.
  12. Hi Jonsky. Thanks for taking the time to reply and do all that. I will give it a go as soon as I am home. Much appreciated.
  13. This is how the monitors are set up in windows.
  14. Do I have to define that bottom monitor in the lua as a viewport area if that makes sense? At the moment I am just using the left mfd export and right mfd export.
  15. Hi Fusedspine, I have tried Helios and it reports back all sorts of issues in the monitor interface. I am trying both ways. I have used Helios way back and even made a popular video on how to use it. The issue I have with Helios is setting up the initial file save structure. At least I think that's where I am going wrong. Thanks. I watched that video yesterday and followed it to the letter. No joy. I need to be shown the steps before where that is started. Cheers.
  16. Hi, I really hope someone can help because I am at my wits end. In the past I have manged to do this but now I can't. Below is my setup. The monitor in the middle is a 24 inch and the two on the side are 22 inch and the monitor I want the mfd's to export to in particular the Hornet left and right is at the bottom and is a 10 inch. In game I have the resolution set to 5760x1080 (I have also tried 5760x2160). I have tried editing the monitor.lua that is called "LMFCD+Camera+RMFCD" to get them exported but it just won't work. I know it's of course something I am doing wrong but can anyone help me out here please? https://ibb.co/Z8
  17. I have been trying to extract the mfds to a second monitor. I have had success in the past but it's just not working now. Could someone share the monitor.lua that they have configured please? I am aware you might have a different setup as mine but I just want to see and compare etc. Many thanks.
  18. I installed both and can get vJoy as a device. I set up a button on stream deck as push and release but when I press it it pushes it once and stays in that state. I have to restart stream deck to get it to work again? Can anyone walk me through the steps?
  19. It's working now. I found that Malwarebytes was deleting a dll file. located in mods/aircraft/AJS37/bin/AJS37.dll
  20. No, it's white. No it's white.
  21. I purchased this module a long time ago. Since 2.7 I can no longer select it as a flyable aircraft from the mission editor. I have it installed and it is selected as enabled in the modules section. I have tried different era's and different maps but still not working. Can anyone help please?
  22. Just took delivery of a system build with an RTX 3080 and a 3090x cpu (i waited 5 months so i didn't pay scalpers anything ). Like you just flew in VR with the Rift s. Just an amazing experience. Smooth as butter and looking incredible, so much easier to fly those difficult flights. For me Case 1 recovery. I can really nail it when it's like this. So glad I started with early flight sims and matured into these days of wonderful simulations and more importantly VR.
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