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  1. Hello. Fantastic campaign. Sadly on the second AAR after Basrah, the wingman immediately gets told “refueling complete” as soon as he he hooks up. Then of course he immediately disconnects and soon runs out of fuel. Anyone else notice this?
  2. Is it that much better than the standard Reverb G2? I am moving on from my Oculus Rift S. I’m also installing a 3080. I’m willing to go the extra $ for the Omnicept if worth it.
  3. I believe I’m on Stable. I guess I should have read it closer. I see now it’s highlighted in red on the purchase page. Thanks! I will remain patient.
  4. Recently purchased Operation Pontus and Rising Squall and neither are showing up I’m my Module Manager. This has never happened in the past. I’m not on Steam. I’m stand alone. Thanks.
  5. Unrestricted SATNAV. Works like a charm. Thank you!
  6. Wow. My search savvy is lacking. Must have been my keywords as I was getting hits from 2018 stating problems after a DCS update, waypoint 1 was 100+ knots away and no HSI movement, so I disregarded them. This looks promising. Can’t wait to try tomorrow. Thanks!
  7. I've tried this 6 times. Cold start as I always do on other missions. Only once out of the 6 attempts have I had a moving map on the HSI. Not sure what I did any different on the one attempt that I had a moving map, but it gives me hope that it's fixable. I've tried INS in NAV and IFA. No luck. Any suggestions?
  8. So happy I found this post. Was pounding my head against the wall trying to figure out why a weapon that was so simple to deploy previously was stumping me suddenly. Watched hours of different YouTube tutorials and was was following everything as shown. There was nothing new to me in any of the 65E tutorials. Had no idea the TDC sensor diamond became part of the uncaging procedure. I’m a bit surprised I didn’t solve it myself. THANKS GUYS!!!
  9. Thanks. Yeah 15 cm. I should know better as we use metric here in Canada. The Foxx mount I got for the stick is the really long/deep one, so I should have great adjustment capabilities. Thankfully I shouldn’t need to order the shorter extension. Thanks for the spring advice. Perhaps I will just keep using the stock one and if it gets sloppy, I will then change out to the red spring.
  10. Thank you Harker. Getting these AAR missions working and learning how to use other peoples missions on DCS have opened up a whole new world for me.
  11. Ok I unboxed the extension. I was wrong on two counts. It’s not offset bend and it’s only 6” Anyway, It’s a 6” Sahaj with the red spring with a couple silicon o-rings. Pipe is threaded on each end so I’m at the mercy of the pipe threads to achieve the turn angle I want. If I get the angle I prefer and the threads are still loose, that will suck. I don’t really want to use loctite. Perhaps if I pile on some Teflon thread tape it will firm it up at my desired angle. Or perhaps I will get lucky and the threads will be tight at my desired angle. I will mess with it when my Foxx mounts arrive. Doing the extension now will suck when I’m flying because the stick is currently sitting on the desk. It will be awkwardly too high. Lol. Thanks everyone! EDIT: The video on Sabaj shows I can turn the stick to my desired position, then tighten. I feel dumb for wasting everyone’s time. Sorry.
  12. Oooo. That’s a great point. Turning the base would be a huge screw up. I have an offset extension for my hornet stick that I have yet to unbox. Can’t recall if it’s 9” or 12”. Perhaps my solution will be in this extension. Thanks! Great advice. Not sure what I was thinking, turning the base. That would be disastrous. I have an extension I have yet to unbox. Hoping my solution is there. Thanks!
  13. Interesting. Perhaps when my Foxx arrives it will have a friendly template like that. That would be a relief. The stick only enters the base in one position. Perhaps the Foxx plate will have many options to achieve the desired offset. Cheers.
  14. Hello My Foxx mounts are almost here. I have the Warthog/Hornet stick. I plan to mount it between my legs. I read on here that someone advised turning the stick slightly counter clockwise to simulate the true position in the hornet. Makes sense to me as my right arm will be on an angle reaching between my legs to the stick. Trouble is the mounting bolts will only allow 90 degree positions which obviously is waaaay to much. There are 8 small screws on top of the circular base. is that what he was talking about? Sorry, I can't find the original post for the life of me.
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