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  1. Hi all - returning simmer...wow 2004 says I joined the forums. Have managed to grab a VR (Quest 2) - and grabbed a 2080 Super (for now) to return with. Sadly I sold my Warthog a while back before the price bumps and availabilty - regretting it now but not going to rush out and get something just yet. Have dug out my old CH Combat Stick and Pro Throttle. Both I believe are working fine and will do for now. Had a quick look last night in the F18 and couldnt get the Pitch to work correctly... would go forward but not back 'fully' - am assuming everything works fine as I could see the calibration in th eCH manager software........ but reading a few posts here.... can I ask a few Qs that might save me some time. Also may have been a setting in DCS that I have missed - just loaded Instant Action and on Ramp. 1 Do I need to have CH manager installed? (running Windows 10) 2 Do I just calibrate in Windows and remove CH Manager? 3 Just assign everything in DCS? 4 Is there a combat stick and pro throttle file that I can load in DCS that has been created to save me even more time - could just tweek from there I guess? Hoping to get up and running at least - and if I like the VR element may change HOTAS - just not sure yet... although Ive bought enough modules to have bought a new HOTAS! Thank you in advance.
  2. OK so my head was fried watching all the videos.... Way too many things positive and negative.... So pulled the trigger and my Rift S is coming Monday. I figured my rig isn't the best for VR so the other headsets would be even more taxing. Also just order the F14 In the sale after watching the VFAT 2018 demo. Didn't realise the F14 was so agile with the right pilot! Have pennies for one more plane in the sale... Any recommendations? Was thinking the harrier would be nice for VR? Or should I go F18 / F16? Thanks all!
  3. Still watching videos... Could stretch to a Vice Pro Kit for 899...just weighing it up.... Or save the cash and get the Rift S Still unsure about the base stations on the vive...to be honest I will just watch movies...DCS, flight and car sims probably.
  4. Thank you all for your input. Ordering in the next couple of days.
  5. Thanks cypher is that just an issue with the F14 graphics only?
  6. Thanks buddy. I see you have a super rig. Come on sell it to me :) ... Is dcs and the rift s the perfect match right now?
  7. Hi guys. Without looking at a million posts. Just wondering if my rig will cut it? Haven't had VR before... But have the option of getting one now. I7 6700k overclocked to 4.5ghz 32 gb ram EVGA 1070ti super overclocked OS and games on seperate SDDS Is it worth me getting a rift s? Currently only game at 1080p so not really wanting to upgrade yet... Also waiting on new system from Shadow.. Am going to try their 2080 gtx equivalent setups and their Titan level.. But this is not till February. Thanks in advance.
  8. Just set myself back up with some CH stick and throttle... Just sorting out trackir/equivalent.... Gonna retrain on the black shark etc then make my decision. Out if interest do people find the choppers better with dual sticks or complete HOTAS?
  9. Hi all until I get some different gear... I have a CH fighterstick. Is the thrustmaster t16000m throttle ok to match up with the CH or do you suggest paying more for the CH Pro throttle? Can get stick and throttle for less than the price of the CH Throttle.. Was thinking could use both sticks then for other games but if the pro throttle is a lot better will get that one. Thanks.
  10. Thank you gentleman.. Don't think I can wait until the next season though :( Will catch up on some more videos and tutorials.. See which tickles the best. Looking forward to the updated Shark as well..... Oh and then there is VR since I was last here. The sims of today..... Ahhhh and to think I grew up with FA18 Interceptor on the amiga. Exciting times.
  11. Haha I notice the rig in my sig has changed a lot since I was last here.... Better update that :)
  12. Greetings all. A couple of questions if I may. Returning user from the days of lomac. Lots of life things have changed for me but find myself coming back to what's now DCS World. Wow does it look amazing. It seems I have just missed the sale. Can I ask if the sale is repeated regularly? Also I am torn between the FA18... F14 or the Harrier... I plan to probably get all 3 at some point but is there an easier learning curve for one or the other? Also I loved black shark so plan on getting another helicopter. Could you suggest another to get after the shark? Thanks for reading and congratulations Eagle Dynamics on DCS world and the modules. Wishing you the best for the future. ???? Hopefully I can ask a few more questions. Excited to be back.
  13. great great video - and love the music. kyletiernan, I salute you ! looking forward to more videos.
  14. Win 7 Pro 64 bits here :)
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