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  1. I'm confused where on an MP server I play on the Tacan shows the heading for the tanker but i get no range information I've never seen that before is there a setting in ME or something? works fine for the carrier or any other tacan, I just don't get range on tankers. I am in transmit/receive mode also.
  2. the F5 is really really simple to start and fly happy to try and help with any questions honestly I set my trip almost all the way up, regardless of loadout had to see in there but i'ts somewhere around 10-11 oclock make sure the Air Brake is off because it's default is extended on a cold start (left ctrl +B) and once you're on the runway, click the nose wheel extender to get a few extra degrees I take off with full flaps, rotate and hold it at that 10 degrees and she'll lift off i switch to auto flaps, and then start trimming down as the speed increases you have to keep trimming down as your speed goes up that's the whole thing with this plane, trim trim trim mine is on the joystick hat switch, and the arrow keys makes it very convenient there are great youtube videos you can watch on cold start tutorial, weapons, etc; doesn't take a lot of time
  3. yep and it makes it easy to ripple vs 8 targets without having to go thru easily screwed up procedure to change to TOO2, step, undesignate etc; just make 8 mkpts with your Tpod and cycle thru them like they're waypoints
  4. not trying to hijack topic, but it's a comms menu question why is it...(again on MP servers) when i'm on the ground its the "\" key when you get in the air its something like "alt-\" what's the difference between being on the ground or in the air? not a big deal, mostly just curious
  5. Such a fun little airplane. I go back and forth with my 18, but tend to find myself in the F5 more and more. I wrote a whole chain not long ago about why I love it so much, echoing all above. lot of good responses in there too...
  6. I've done that too. you can also fix 'in mission' via the waypoint editor in the HSI mode. (assuming you're in an 18) saves you from having to restart when you figure it out mid mission.
  7. captn zeens worked great for me already have 3 monitor setup for game was able to project to touchscreen laptop via bluetooth and add it as a fourth monitor !!! wife definitely thinks i'm nuts it took a little figuring out how to make helios work but it actually was pretty simple it was cool but the novelty of it wore off quickly as i found myself tapping the same button a couple times and its really just as quick to use the mouse. but the idea of having 2 physical DDI screens with real buttons I can push has got my purchase finger itchy.......
  8. I can hear Vipers voice in the Tac View room dressing down that F16 pilot right at 6:01 "The bogey has good position right here. Freeze frame. A moment of choice The F- is defensive. He has a chance to bug out right here. Better to retire and save your aircraft than push a bad position. Charlie, jump in here any time. You stay in that diamond another three seconds. - - The bogey's gonna blow you away. You take a hard right, select zone five... You can extend an escape. You made a bad choice."
  9. thank you Aquila, I said I 'as far as i know' assuming i could be wrong and someone knew better I too have not seen this referenced before just re read the section of chucks guides and it does indicate to TDC depress to designate the target in the procedure and that's when the range appears It does get confusing where this has changed so many times over the past 12 months.
  10. Yes! to experiment I created a bomber intercept mission with 2 mig 21s and chased them down by flying low on a heading 5-10deg off their bearing in the direction opposite to their heading they didn't detect me and I was able to take out the 2 migs before they knew i was there and have a little guns practice on the bombers was able to do same on multiplayer server and chased down another 21 last night. so I roughly had it figured out after my wife was asking me what the hell I was drawing your technique is much more refined and I'll try it tonight. the 18 is amazing and fun to learn all the systems etc; but the F5 is so much more satisfying to get a kill in.
  11. the Tpod automatically updates coordinates as you slew it Laser as far as I know it is just for weapon guidance (or marking for a wingman, but I fly alone, don't know how to find wingmen) and you're absolutely correct that at lower altitudes the angle can cause it to be off just a little I find this when say there's a cloud layer at 7k you have to stay below to find targets then go up and make my run using the cluster JSOW's its 'close enough' that the bomblets take care of the error if they're working I probably should employ a 'best practice' of getting a point track on a target to ensure it has "it" and doesn't have that slant error but even a miss is sometimes close enough depending on target, i missed a truck last night and it went off between ended up getting 2 for price of 1
  12. JSOWs and Gbu-38 are both gps guided I’m sure you could mark your target, lock it, lase it, kill it and shift to next target just as easily though. I like to use the cluster JSOWs fire them as far away as I can. Then shift to the bombs that range around 10 miles or so. can wipe out a bunch of closely packed targets and pick off the outliers
  13. +2 but it's not consistent. JDAMs are no problem but I have same problems with JSOW and I believe it to be a known issue in MPP one run 4/4 on target the next they'd bank up sharply and crash I posted this last night mistakenly in the 2.5 forum but it seems relevant to Striders point using Mark points for each of the 8 targets let me just cycle through drop and watch show. ---------------------------------------------- so I practice, understand and am able to use TOO mode and TOO1 and TOO2 across stations to program and drop ordnance on multiple targets but it really is a cumbersome PITA procedure that does not take much to screw up either in setting up or in release. especially in MP server when I'm half expecting an Aim 120 or 154 to go through my cockpit glass when I least expect it It occurred to me that it should be (and is) possible to just create the 8 different Mark Points with the TPod spot it, select it, mark it do the next one repeat retreat and set up a safe run select MP1, WPDSG Bombs away select MP2, repeat and so on. just as quick and seems to be a hell of a lot easier. anyone else try this?
  14. I've taken to taking my F5 out for a spin in multi player servers and trying to learn to use AWACS to help me ambush unsuspecting similar type aircraft I find I keep ending up in nose on confrontations where I may or may not get a good missile shot off in time What I'm trying to figure out is, is it possible to use the awacs to plan an attack to come up on the bogey's 6? example, bogey is bearing 330 heading 90 If I fly due north i'm going to fly right into his path and end up head to head would a better strategy be to let him cross my nose at a certain distance ?? say 20-30 miles and try to sneak up behind him assuming i'm fast enough to keep up? fly something like 320 until he crosses and then try to chase him down?
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