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  1. Eagle Dynamics does like to drop hints, so I'm hoping this little story focused on the A-6 means we'll be seeing the AI version from Heatblur soon.
  2. HB is supposed to be working on an AI A-6, so hopefully we will see a KA-6 soon as well. Anything to replace the low poly S3 and Seahawk models we’re stuck with.
  3. Ok, will do. Will a saved stick and throttle profile from the previous version be able to be used with this latest version, or will I have to remap the controls again? And thanks for all the hard work on this, the aircraft is killer. It's been fun lapping the supercarrier in this thing.
  4. Curious about the best way to upgrade to the new version of this mod. Just save my control profile, then delete the old mod from mods>aircraft folder, unzip the new file in its place and then use the old saved controller profile? Thanks
  5. Wow, great video! Nice work.
  6. It would be nice to get some progress updates/teasers on their AI aircraft enhancements. The SH60 and S3 are so badly out of whack with F14/18 and Hawkeye. A 4 blade prop option would be nice for the Hawkeye as well, especially with the A7 and A6 coming out.
  7. Yes, fantastic vid. The clouds look wonderful and the A-6 will be a wonderful compliment to the Supercarrier, even if it just stays as AI for the time being (but hopefully more). Hope we get some news on the Intuder after this little tease!
  8. Hi guys, been trying this mission a few times, and the two enemy ships that are supposed to be attacked are not showing up at the dock. If you put labels on, it shows two labels, and my wingmen are attacking the empty slip. It even shows 2/3 ships destroyed on the after action report, but still can't see anything, the wingmen are bombing the water where a ship should be. I'm running the latest version of the Open Beta. Thanks!
  9. This echos my experience. I was very excited when I purchased it, but couldn’t believe the flight characteristics when I started flying it... it gets very little action these days for that reason.
  10. Hi guys, I’m learning the Tomcat slowly, and while doing some of the training missions, I noticed the AA guns training mission is missing the targets described in the mission briefing. You just end up flying around the empty skies. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I'm fairly new to the behind the scenes side of DCS, but I've been trying to get this livery to show up in the mission editor. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305557/ I have tried unzipping into the Huey's livery folder that i created in the Saved Games section, but that didn't work. I then tried unzipping it into the huey liveries folder of the main DCS area, but again, no luck. I've tried watching youtube videos but everyone seems to have a different way of doing it. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Have you tried hitting whatever button you have setup for your VR view return to center? This will sometimes happen in the F18 when I start a mission, all of a sudden my view is outside the airplane, but hitting X on my left oculus controller will get me back in the cockpit with my view centered.
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