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  1. I just did a short test for performance and sightseeing. No problems at all performance wise and as a not finished product I love it very much! Especially the 1,000 islands at the west coast!
  2. I observed something similar at the Syria map (single player): Cold start from Kharab Ishk, flying a little mission (no wind) just for target practice and landing after at Kharab Ishk. At touch down there was a rolling movement to the right that flipps the AH-64D. After a second try and landing the speed indicator shows 1, not 0. Might that be the problem? Can you reproduce it? Might be a bug worth posting in the bug forum Picture after landing, standing still:
  3. Why? Can not find this while searching MPD or brightness in the forum When? At cold start Where? Pilot seat SP or MP? Single player (Not tried in MP) Description: When setting the MPD brightness via BRT rotary before APU starts the MPDs are at full brightness when they come up. One have to "touch" them after the MPDs are on once, then the correct dimming appears. AH-64D-MPD_Brightness.trk
  4. Hallo, viele Grüße aus Wuppertal! Würde mich freuen, wenn es so etwas noch mal gäbe ...
  5. Really nice flying scenes in "Sky Fighters" (english title)... All of them are very beautiful, over see, in the alps etc. Really good camera job ... ah, story? Ok, there is one, but ... did I mention the nice pictures?
  6. Just my two cents, I realy love them since I saw them in Wacken: VOLBEAT Sad Man's Tongue Still counting
  7. The A10 often cruised over our heads in far west germany at the border to the netherlands when I was a child. Very impressive! This "looking very different fom other planes look" ...
  8. MusicOn

    German Skin

    @Airway: Into the folder C:\whereever\ModMan\addons_dcs Afterwords use the ModMan to activate
  9. MusicOn

    German Skin

    Omdra, thanks for converting! Regards ...
  10. First Rollout: http://www.modelljets.com/4images/details.php?image_id=932
  11. *g* I wonder where the copyright is ... Link to the Baumgartner-flight http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3112095.stm Must be big fun ... ... unless you catch a plane! Regards
  12. Here some INFO about the "C" version. I thought the Air Force wanted to stop the project? Heared somewhere ... http://www.warthogpen.com/a-10c_files/A-10C.html
  13. And what is this in the picture? A landing/starting something?
  14. What I aske myself is: Are there options to make the "Ferrari" more efficient? As an example: Why is the water under the land? Must it be rendered? Or: Why is the Overcast/water that hardware hungry and a replacement from the community not (with a little less quality). I do not want to bash anyone, but has the engine itself perhaps some more room for tweaking/improvement? Regards
  15. THX for answering. I will check if they send to my country ... Regards
  16. Hi, perhaps someone can help: Is there an online shop that sells the original movie DVD "Nochnoy dozor/Night Watch" (russian with en subtitles) to europe? http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox_searchlight/night_watch/ The release date here is autumn 05 and as far as I know it is released in russia a long time ago ... Tia MusicOn
  17. Same happened to me: At my Saitek i have mapped the SU Trimming on the slider and it was set to "trim Up". After starting LockOn Starforce wanted the activation code. Set my slider to neutral-> Starforce scanned the CD->all OK So it seems that either starforce do react on ANY (?) keyboard input while starting, OR the Trim Keys (CTRL+. in GER-Keyboard) disturbes Starforce ...
  18. I think lomacfiles have tested it. The download section now is seperated in "1.02 only" and "1.02/FC" http://www.lomacfiles.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=67#cat Regards
  19. Thank you, again a very detailled training. I also like the add of the airport maps. Regards
  20. Here on SimHQ is a detailed information about the meaning of the brevety codes: http://www.simhq.com/_air/air_008a.html Here you can get information about also: http://moosesquadron.mine.nu/academy.php Information in German: http://www.vjs-161.de/2/brevity-codes.htm POP UP POP-UP Informative call of a GROUP that has suddenly appeared inside of meld/No New Picture/briefed range. 166 for 157 direction and distance Angels High Different on this two sites: Moose: HIGH: Contact is between 25,000 and 40,000 ft MSL. SimHQ: HIGH: Target altitude at or above 30,000 feet MSL. Hot Flying in your direction Hope it helps Regards
  21. Perhaps as a special bundle with "Duke Nukem" ;)
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