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  1. Hey everybody. It's been sometime since I've played these campaigns. I've been playing with Liberation for a while. I thought I'd come back to them for something different. I really like the new DCE Manager program as that has made installation really easy. I've installed a mirage campaign - created the first mission without any errors etc but when I go into DCS and select campaigns I can see the DCE option but there's no campaigns listed there. Any ideas what I've done wrong? **** Solved - I didn't have the PG map installed
  2. Thanks.... Yeti already answered the question
  3. Hey people. I know chuck's guide says to set the altimeter to the QFE of the target. What do I do when the QFE of the target is out of range of what you can set the altimeter at? I have a QFE of target of 1000, but the altimeter stops at 9499. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Not happening tonight... it was so weird - I did it like five or six times to make sure I wasn't imagining it the other day. I even checked the external view to see if I could see anything. But acting completely normal now. All good though, I was really checked to see if I had missed some kind of update to the Viggen as I only seldomly fly it.
  5. Nah it defo wasn't an enemy. I did it three or four times. Woosh then a bang about three seconds later. I thought it was really strange. I'll see if it's still happening this evening.
  6. Has something recently changed with the viggen? I thought the only countermeasures were in the pods that you had to carry... But when I was flying last night with no countermeasures (just a usual bomb load out) when I bumped my hotas for release countermeasures there was a woosh sound (sounded like firing a sidewinder) and then a bang. Was really confused with what this was? Has anyone else come across this?
  7. Yeah I understand what I'm meant to be doing and how the system works. I just find it incredibly difficult compared to other choppers.
  8. Is anyone else having as much trouble as me trying to get rockets on target. I've watched all the vids so understand how it's meant to work but I just find it so difficult. Miss the rockets out of the Hind or ka-50
  9. Okay, boresighting from a more natural sitting position has helped it for me.
  10. I'm having much better results by not doing the boresighting... I'll recheck the boresighting procedure and make sure I've got it right.
  11. I've followed Casmos vids but can't get it working. I have track ir and am in ihadss mode. Yeah if I go to the gunner seat and use tads thats working and that's how I've been using the cannon. But I'll try it without boresighting it after work today and see if that's better or worse
  12. Yeah I seem to have the same issue. I have done boresighting from cold start and followed all the tutorials etc but my cannon and rockets when using the head mounted display go no where near where I'm aiming. Might try cold start without doing boresighting and see how that goes
  13. Its still a massive issue ... this plane has been flying around like this for over twenty minutes.
  14. Tried this first mission about five times now. Each time I get the "not good enough". I don't know what I'm doing wrong - climb over 10,000 and then head to Gudata as fast as possible. Seems kinda broken... not a great start for the first mission.
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