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  1. Sorry for probably asking again the more or less obvious, but any of your campaigns bought in Steam can be transferred to ED standalone ?? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  2. IMHO maybe it is the right time for Belsimtek to speak with Ugra Media and make it happen!! Syria should be supported by NS430.
  3. As a participant I feel the need to congratulate whoever had the original idea of such competitive event!! I do hope we will have many more "houses of SARH" in the future and to be able to participate in as many as possible!! I do have one question though. What is the logic behind the decision to have a totally stripped off F10 Map that shows just a map and not even our own aircraft, and at the same time allow pilots to use the NS430 Navigation System? I would appreciate an answer.
  4. Pilot: TAW | BlkMamba Plane: F15C
  5. Hello!! A very dear friend who owns many many DCS modules, wants to give me as a gift his F5 Tiger because he never uses it anymore. What is the exact procedure for him to follow, in order to be able to gift me the module ? Thanks in advance for your prompt reply!!
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